The (Really) Big Picture

We hope in the fall of 2014 to create a mural-sized commemorative photo of as many members of the College community as we can entice to join in: students, faculty, staff, alumni, friends from Meadville, family members of all of the above, and more. We estimate a crowd of 2,500 to 3,500. We’ll also videotape the process of creating the photo.

The key to making this photo powerful and unusual is creating an image in which virtually every person is clearly recognizable, with enough detail to read expressions. We’ve all seen huge group photos of tiny blurry people in some landmark space, but could you tell who they were?

It’s an ambitious project—and the technical considerations are daunting—but if we can pull it off, it will be an extraordinary piece of history.

Input is welcome. If you’ve seen this kind of photo attempted, or if you have ideas for how we can make it more fun, please contact our photographer, Bill Owen ’74, at