Bicentennial Plaza

The Bicentennial Plaza will be built on the lawn area in front of Schultz Banquet Hall using a combination of brick and bluestone pavers, echoing the entrances to Bentley Hall and the Tippie Alumni Center.

Update – December 20, 2013: It is with great pride that we share with you the latest vision for the Bicentennial Plaza to be located at the base of Bentley lawn. We are moving along nicely!

New: The three renderings at the top of this page. The previous rendering (dated November 7, 2013) is now archived at the bottom of this page.




At 40 by 80 feet, the main plaza will be a versatile space that can be used for any number of activities, including talks, plays, concerts, and other special events, including Commencement. The Class of 2015 will be the first class to graduate from the Bicentennial Plaza, processing up the historic walkway.

But long before students throw their caps in the air on Commencement, they’ll be using this beautiful, welcoming space for quiet study or impromptu concerts, for throwing Frisbees or dancing by moonlight. Although the plaza will be used for graduation, with all the accompanying pomp and tradition, it’s also meant to be used every day.

When the plaza is not in use for special events, Adirondack chairs and other seating will create a comfortable, inviting space for students and others to gather and enjoy the views from one of the most historic parts of campus.

The plaza will be elevated above the patio in front of Schultz Banquet Hall, and the patio will be redesigned and landscaped in ways that will call to mind the Alumni Gardens that were here in an earlier time in Allegheny’s history. Lighting and distinctive wrought iron railings inspired by those at the Lord Gates and Brooks Hall will define the space.

Plans for the plaza continue to evolve and the drawings illustrated here do not reflect a final design. Please check back for updates.

Past Renderings