Interdisciplinary Programs

"For me, interdisciplinary thinking has always been about making connections — discovering continuity where none seemed to exist, building coherence out of fragments. And it seems to me that interdisciplinary work encourages an intellectual adaptability that’s crucial these days, particularly in a world where workers switch careers multiple times over their lives."

—James Weaver

An Interdisciplinary World

Interdisciplinary ProgramsSuccessfully taking on an increasingly complex and demanding world at the dawn- ing of the 21st century calls for a liberal arts education in the best sense. Such an approach emphasizes the capacity to place one’s field of expertise within the broadest of perspectives while thinking creatively and systematically, making integral and dynamic connections among subjects as diverse as the humanities and the sciences, and acting responsibly and with passionate commitment.

Allegheny’s interdisciplinary minors are well suited to the type of student who excels at Allegheny, students who choose not to live life within narrow disciplinary lines. These minors offer students the opportunity to expand their educational quests in the most coherent and meaningful ways possible, taking advantage of their own experience, enriching that experience through expanding knowledge, and bringing what they learn to their understanding of the world at large in order to interact with it in innovative and meaningful ways.

The expanding service economy and emerging global village urgently demand workers and citizens who not only write well and speak forcefully but who can distill a cohesive worldview on which to base choices, practices, and policies.

As the United States moves beyond the Information Age, unprecedented opportunities are opening up for those who can deal with ambiguity and complexity, exercise empathy, perceive broader patterns in diverse cultural phenomena, think beyond conventions, and take the lead in decision-making. Professional schools and business CEOs are all looking for applicants who can demonstrate these qualities, recognizing that they are increasingly necessary for success, whether personal or professional.

Interdisciplinary Programs: