The Academic Program

As a liberal arts college, Allegheny has as its first concern intellectual growth. The curriculum and graduation requirements are designed to provide educational depth as well as intellectual breadth. The College supplements the wide range of courses and programs offered locally with cooperative and special arrangements that increase choices available to students.

The Program Structure

The Semester Calendar

Allegheny divides the academic year into two semesters of 15 weeks each. A month-long break, beginning in late December, separates the semesters. Vacations occur during October and in the third week of March.

During semesters, classes typically meet two or three times per week for periods of 75 or 50 minutes. Associated laboratories are usually scheduled separately, although they may be scheduled at the regular class time if appropriate. Saturday classes are not regularly scheduled, but may be offered in the morning at the faculty member’s discretion. A Registration Guide listing class times and examination periods for all courses to be offered is made available electronically to all students prior to Registration.

The Credit System

Most courses receive four semester credit hours, and they are designed to require no more than one-fourth of a student’s time. Some courses may receive one, two, or three semester credit hours.

The usual course load for a student is 16 credit hours per semester.