Austin Rock

Admissions Counselor

Phone: (814) 332-3436 | Email:

Austin, a native of the small hamlet of Pond Bank, PA is a 2014 graduate of Allegheny College, where he double-majored in History and Religious Studies. During his time at Allegheny, Austin quickly attempted to get as much out of his college experience as possible. His activities included Singing in the College Choir and Chamber Choir, serving on the leadership teams of Allegheny Christian Outreach and Alpha Phi Omega, starting and running a youth group at a local church with a team of students, all while holding down the position of Gator Guide Student Supervisor in Admissions. Because this obviously was not enough, he also acted in a Playshop Theatre production his Senior Year.

The summer after graduation, Austin worked as a Historical Interpreter at Fort Frederick State Park in Big Pool, MD before coming to Allegheny as an Admissions Counselor. This experience only helped to feed his various interests including most aspects of History, and reading about those aspects in incredibly dry books that he gets too excited about. Austin is also always up for a pickup game of basketball or football, loves driving, and goes hiking as often as possible.

Austin’s Territories

  • Northern Ohio
  • Central Pennsylvania
  • CO
  • NC
  • SC

Travel Schedule

Travel calendars are updated daily.

Fun Facts About Austin

  • Austin did his Senior Comprehensive Project, or “Comp” as a case study about Henry MelchiorMuhlenberg and Peter Muhlenberg and how they represent a changing Lutheranism in North America during the Revolutionary War. As such, he is very excited about the subject matter but lacks anyone who is willing to debate it.
  • Austin is proficient in a variety of 18th century skills, such as starting a fire with Flint and Steel and baking in a Dutch Oven.
  • Austin is an Eagle Scout, the rank of which he obtained a week before his 18th birthday.
  • Austin attempts to put subtle humor in most of his writings, and loves it when people do the same.

Tips for Future Allegheny Students

  • Go to Brooks every Friday Lunch for Mac and Cheese. Seriously, if you get nothing else from these tips, do this.
  • Go to the Activities Fair when you first get to campus, and remember, just because you go to the first meeting of 25 different clubs, does not mean you have to permanently join 25 different clubs!
  • Once you do find a club or organization you are passionate about, get invested heavily in it. You meet new people both on and off campus, learn important leadership skills, and you feel great about what you are doing on campus.
  • Remember, schoolwork will always be there. Make sure you take the time to do it, but let yourself enjoy your time with friends as well. Find the balance and stick with it.
  • But seriously folks, the Mac and Cheese.