Early Decision Applicants

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Deadline to Apply ED I: November 1
Deadline to Apply ED II: January 15

Why Apply Early Decision?

The Early Decision option is ideal if Allegheny is the student’s first choice school and s/he will accept an offer of admission if granted. This option allows students to solidify their college plans at their top college choice early during their senior high school year.

Early Decision applicants are required to:

  • Complete the Early Decision Agreement Form with all other application materials (ED applicants may only submit Regular Decision applications to other colleges and universities)
    The ED Agreement Form confirms a student’s status as an Early Decision applicant. If the student is admitted to Allegheny College under the Early Decision Plan and her/his financial aid award is satisfactory, s/he is obligated to enroll and adhere to the following two requirements.
  • Submit the $400 enrollment deposit by the date required in the acceptance letter (typically four weeks are given)
  • Withdraw all applications from other colleges/universities upon acceptance from Allegheny (students must notify each school)

Financial Aid for Early Decision Applicants

Early Decision candidates applying for need-based financial aid should complete the Early Decision Financial Aid Application. A paper version will be sent to you or you may download and print it and return by mail or fax. From this form we will complete your financial aid package, which will be mailed to you; you will not be required to submit the $400 enrollment deposit before receiving the information. Families are also required to complete the FAFSA by February 15 to confirm the data reported on the earlier form.

Delayed Notification

In some cases, the Admissions Committee will request additional information before making an official decision for Early Decision applicants. The committee may request mid-year grades or new test scores or may ask the student to schedule an interview with an admissions counselor. Any new information will then be considered prior to making a final decision. A candidate’s admission status will not be adversely influenced by the Committee’s request, and applicants should continue the application process.