Shalom! As the Allegheny College’s Hillel advisor, I would like to welcome you to a student-led organization that supports and encourages the exploration of Jewish life and culture through religious, educational, and social programs. Students in Hillel work to provide a community that helps Jewish students celebrate, learn, and explore Jewish heritage.

Hillel offers programming that encourages the entire student body to explore the Jewish faith. Hillel students, with the help of the Spiritual and Religious Life Office, coordinate and facilitate campus-wide celebrations for every Jewish holiday. Building the Sukkah, the Passover Seder, and the Hanukkah party have become traditions at Allegheny. Students also play a crucial role in organizing high-holiday services, lunch discussions, and Shabbat dinners and services. In addition to celebrating our own heritage and religion, Hillel students work very closely with other religious life organizations to help create opportunities to learn about and discuss topics and issues within various faiths.

There is a lot happening in Hillel! Over the past few years Allegheny’s Jewish student population has more than doubled in size. The strength and diversity of our students involved in Hillel continues to grow and flourish. Recently, we have been proud to welcome Rabbi Ron Bernstein-Goff to the Allegheny community. Rabbi Ron has joined the Allegheny faculty and in addition to engaging students in his classes, he plays an integral role in supporting and cultivating religious exploration for our Jewish students.

I graduated from Allegheny in 2008. When I attended Allegheny, Hillel was a comfortable and safe community in which I could explore my Judaism and the role it played in my life. Now, as the advisor, I am proud to say that Hillel is truly a student-driven organization that continues to grow and change with the creativity of our Jewish students. We hope you will plan to join us!


Rachel Dingman
Hillel Advisor * rdingman@allegheny.edu * (814) 332-4732