Required Forms

A complete application file for first-year students includes the items listed below. The Admissions Committee will review an application file once all information has been received.

Alternate required forms for:
Home-schooled students | Transfer students

  1. Allegheny Application – Access via the Allegheny Portal
    All seniors who have been in contact with the College receive an email with portal log-in information; if necessary, choose “Forgot Your Password” on the log-in page and enter your email address as the username to have the log-in information reset. If your application will be the first time you’ve contacted Allegheny, simply choose “New User” to begin.
    Common Application – Online
    Be sure to add Allegheny to your list of Common Application schools and submit once you have completed all sections.

    All other application credentials should be submitted via the same system as your application (e.g. if you submit the Allegheny Application, your Teacher Recommendation cannot be requested/submitted via the Common App website and must be done via the Allegheny Application Portal or in person).

  2. Personal Essay
    As part of either application listed above, your essay is an opportunity to express your individual creativity and personal qualities to the admission and scholarship committees. Please review the suggested topics and submit a carefully-composed essay.
  3. Guidance Recommendation/School Report
    Request the School Report form and a written recommendation from your high school guidance office.
  4. Send email request via Allegheny Portal
    Send email request via Common Application (only if applying via Common App)
    Download and request in person (complete the top section in advance)

  5. High School Transcript & College Course Transcripts
    Request that your guidance counselor forward an official copy of your high school transcript to Allegheny College along with the Guidance Recommendation/School Report (see previous item). In addition to your high school transcript, please share a copy and request the Common Application Mid-year Report from your counselor once your grades are available. As a courtesy, provide a pre-addressed, stamped envelope to your counselor. If you have taken college courses for credit, forward an official transcript from the appropriate institution.
  6. Teacher Recommendation
    Request at least one recommendation from a teacher who has taught you in a major subject (English, history, mathematics, science or foreign language). Although not required, you are welcome to submit more than one.
  7. Send email request via Allegheny Portal
    Send email request via Common Application (only if applying via Common App)
    Download and request in person (complete the top section in advance)

  8. Standardized Test Scores*
    Submit Your SATs | Submit Your ACTs | Submit Your TOEFLs
    Allegheny requires all applicants to take either the SAT or ACT no later than January of the final year of high school. Please forward the test results directly to Allegheny College.* The College will use the SAT Critical Reasoning and Math subsections, and less so the Writing subsection for admission evaluation. SAT subject tests are not required. It is strongly encouraged that you take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) if English is your second language.
    *Note that it is not necessary to send your scores via SAT or ACT if you confirm with your school that your test scores are included on your high school transcript.

Early Decision Agreement

Access via Common Application | Download Allegheny Version (and mail/email/fax)
The ED Agreement Form is required to confirm a student’s status as an Early Decision applicant. NOTE: Applicants who are non-U.S. citizens are required to apply under the Regular Decision plan and may not be considered for Early Decision.

International Student Certification of Finance Form

Download (and mail/email/fax) | This form is required of every candidate applying as an International/Non-U.S. Citizen.