Alumni Council Statement of Commitment

Alumni Council Invites Your Feedback on the Statement of Commitment

The Allegheny Alumni Council recently created a statement to describe both the College’s commitment to our alumni and the commitment of Alleghenians to their alma mater. It is the Council’s hope that this Statement of Commitment will help to reinforce each graduate’s powerful connection with Allegheny – and to educate future generations about the importance of remaining engaged with the College.

The Council invites alumni to provide comment and feedback on the Statement of Commitment, which appears below, by completing this form. Thank you for your assistance and dedication to Allegheny.

Statement of Commitment
Developed by the Allegheny Alumni Council, November 2011

Who we are: We are proud and accomplished graduates, each with our own unique story, yet bonded as an Allegheny family with current students, faculty, staff and one another by our shared experience.

Our promise to Allegheny College: We promise to give our time, talent and financial support to sustain and enhance the College’s academic mission and reputation as one of the nation’s oldest, most successful and distinguished private liberal arts colleges.

The College’s promise to us: The College promises to remain true to its 200-year commitment to a liberal arts education that prepares young adults for successful, meaningful lives by promoting students’ intellectual, moral, and social development, fostering critical thinking skills, and encouraging personal and civic responsibility. The College also promises to be a responsible and careful steward of financial resources and to intentionally engage alumni in meaningful ways –- providing opportunities for alumni to recruit and mentor students, share experiences, and connect through campus and networking events.

Our hope for the future: We will actively support Allegheny’s mission “to prepare young adults to excel as citizens of a diverse, interconnected world.” We will help position Allegheny as the college of choice for talented students seeking a world-class education that prepares them for the complex global challenges ahead. Timothy Alden’s dream for the College — to provide “such an education as will enable students to become an honor to their country and a blessing to the world” — still motivates us today, and will be our proud legacy for future generations.