Looking for an Alleghenian?

To find Allegheny alumni online:

Visit Gator Connect, which includes a searchable directory of Allegheny alumni and other resources. (This directory can only be accessed by Alleghenians.)

Please direct all other requests for alumni contact information to the Alumni Office:

  • Phone: (814) 332-5384
  • Email: alumni@allegheny.edu
  • Mailing address:
    Alumni Affairs Office
    Allegheny College
    520 North Main St, Box 7
    Meadville, PA 16335

Please note that alumni information can be released only to Allegheny alumni and to other individuals who are directly affiliated with the College, such as faculty and faculty emeriti. For those who are not alumni or who are not directly affiliated with Allegheny, the Office of Alumni Affairs will forward a letter to an alumna or alumnus on your behalf. Be certain to include the full name and class year of the person you wish to find in your cover letter. Please send your request and letter to the address listed above.