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Reunion Weekend 2015

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Join us for Reunion Weekend 2015, which will be held Thursday, May 28, to Sunday, May 31. The weekend includes gatherings for members of the classes listed below as well as opportunities for all alumni to return to campus to celebrate this milestone in the College’s history. As you make plans, please note that the first event for the 50th Reunion begins on Thursday evening, May 28, while programs for other reunions begin on Friday, May 29. Update your email address to stay informed about Reunion Weekend.

Registration materials, including those for on-campus accommodations, will be sent to you in March 2015 via postal mail, as well as email (if you receive email from the College). If you have questions, please contact the Alumni Office at (814) 332-5384 or

Groups celebrating reunions in 2015:

2010 (5th Reunion)
Planning Committee: Brittany Bell, Maria D’Antonio, Benjamin Eyer, Emily Fidago, Bret Fuchs (Chair), Nicole Fuhrman, Kristyn Gumpper, Rachel Higgins, Liz Kozub, Brittany Lanahan, Anne Leonard, Emily Lewis, Macae Lintelman, Kara Martin, Caitlin O’Brien-Rice, Michael Peroski, Melissa Porter, Nerissa Rau, Aarish Riaz, Sam Rigotti, Julio Rivera, Dave Siekkinen, Rodney Still, Jr., Joel Suen, Moin Syed, Katy Orchowski Zorich

2005 (10th Reunion)
Planning Committee: Lindsay Baxter, John Brady (Co-Chair), Matthew Carcella, Adam Cromie (Co-Chair), Tricia Cubitt, Phil Denman, Lindsey Katora-Pityk, Joseph Knupp, Jennifer Taormina Kosek, Michelle Manni, Allyson Green Martin, Alex Mericli, Irena Saric

1994/1995/1996 (20th Generational Reunion)
Planning Committee: Amy Blazewick Anderson ’95, Allyson Moul Cunius ’95, Charlotte Cloe Fox ’95 (Chair), Erin Hagan Hart ’94, Richard Hughes ’96, Maggie Dauer Marquette ’94, McCrae Holliday Martino ’96, Jeff Smink ’96, Amy Jo Seaman Stavnezer ’94, Kelly Stuart Mednis ’96, Greg Ward ’94, Michelle Hamilton Williamson ’94

1990 (25th Reunion)
Planning Committee: Heather Aley Austin (Co-Chair), Jenny Becker Bean, Lisa Cortes Blough, Megan McKechnie Byrne, Susan Emanuele Carlson, Matthew Jordan, John Kieger, Janell Logue-Belden, Rob Manuel, Christy Hunt Markle, Heather Matter McBrier, Lisa Imperata Moses, Douglas Pszczolkowski, Sara Sauerbrey, Brian Shea, Dean Skarlis (Co-Chair)

1975 (40th Reunion)
Planning Committee: Paul Block, Chuck Duncan, Pat Houston, Michael Jacobelli, Dusty Elias Kirk (Co-Chair), Jim Langkamer, Mike Malone (Co-Chair), Shirley McKinney, Portia Gibbs Shephard, Sylvia Stewart-Lumpkin, Beth Hardesty Waite

1969/1970/1971 (45th Generational Reunion)
Planning Committee: Priscilla Dreyman ’70, Todd Goble ’70, Barbara Pelander Hanniford ’69, Thom Myers ’71, Sherry Ransford-Ramsdell ’70, Peggy Toman Siegle ’70, Richard Stenberg ’69, Ed Tetelman ’69

1965 (50th Reunion)
Planning Committee: Wayne Abbott (Co-Chair), John Anderson (Co-Chair), Ray Battey, Jody Blanning Colby (Co-Chair), Judy Conte Ehmer, Brett Elliott, John Hutcherson, Jeff Kane, Warren Keck, Matty McCabe, Memory Mays Pettegrew, Buck Smith, Carole Barnes Williams

Torchbearers (all graduates from 1964 and earlier, including the 55th for the Class of 1960 and the 60th for the Class of 1955)

  • Class of 1960 Planning Committee: John Brook, Carole Denick Byers, Joseph Caggiano, Karen Stollenmeyer Klomp, Ted Linn, Beverly Bell Minnigh, Gary Mitchell, Eli Silverman, Ted Thoburn, Roberta Heller Watson
  • Class of 1955 Planning Committee: Mona Pierce Bishop, Sue O’Connor Idleman, Robin Yost Mayer, Robert Moyers, Howard Seamens

ABC (Association of Black Collegians/Association for the Advancement of Black Culture)
Planning Commitee: Yvonne “Candy” Hobbs Allen ’72, Jordan Brooks ’10, Patricia Dawson ’71, Athena “Tina” Dooley ’74, Carmen Ramsey Ellington ’86, Louis Ford ’86, Robert Gardner ’94, Allen Huff ’74, Karris Williams Jackson ’97, Andra D. Rivers-Johnson ’84, Sylvia Stewart Lumpkin ’75, William “Burner” Maze ’75, Shirley McKinney ’75, Kevin F. Nelson ’83, Herbert Niles ’59, Stephonia “Snookie” Keys Owolabi ’73, Carrie A. R. (Richardson) Reeves ’73, Portia Gibbs Shepherd ’75, Howard Sterling ’66, Franzetta Turner ’83