Alumni Volunteer Opportunities

College Fair Representative

in Admissions (as needed) Occasional


Allegheny continues to increase its national visibility and prominence.  The admissions staff travels extensively throughout the fall and spring to connect with students nationally (and internationally); however, the staff cannot cover every desirable college fair program.  Alumni can help.  Most college fairs occur at local high schools or convention centers in your community.  These programs offer high school students and families the opportunity to connect with a “face” from the College, encouraging the student to visit campus or apply for admission.  The fairs are typically evening events, lasting 2-3 hours, during the fall and spring months—critical times during the college search process for high school students.   The Office of Admissions provides a supply of College literature and training materials prior to the event.  


“It’s an easy commitment.  If you have good things to say about your experience as an undergraduate – those core values from Allegheny don’t change over time – go ahead and sell the school to a new generation of students.” ~Kathleen Sindt ’90


To get involved or learn more visit the Volunteers in Support of Admissions website.

For questions, please contact the Office of Admissions, (814) 332-4351.