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You Provide Student-Faculty Collaboration




Xander Bennett ’16 (left) and Aviv Lang ’15 (right) worked alongside Associate Professor Ishita Sinha Roy.

Because of you, Allegheny students conduct graduate-level research alongside talented faculty mentors during their undergraduate career. Your financial support also allows students to work with professors to present at conferences, co-author articles, and participate in off-campus study experiences.

Experiences like these give students the knowledge and skills they will use in the workplace and will prepare them to make a difference in our communities and the world.

New York City native Aviv Lang ’15 and Boston native Xander Bennett ’16 worked alongside Associate Professor Ishita Sinha Roy to conduct summer research and are examples of why student-faculty collaboration is so important.

In 2013, Aviv participated in an experiential learning seminar in Kenya and had the chance to see a rural community transformed through the award-winning Carbon-for-Water program that delivers potable water through the LifeStraw® filter to thousands of homes, for free.  Xander conducted research that Professor Sinha Roy will use to write a future publication. Focusing on the topics of studying abroad and experiential learning, Xander developed the skills to read critically, summarize large scholarly texts, properly cite articles, and use research databases.

“Both Xander and Aviv say that having these experiences taught them that doing scholarly work is not about counting your sources. It’s about going as deep and as broad as you need to in order to come in front of a larger audience and talk like an expert. Research and experiential learning experiences make that possible. They produce a new learning culture for our students, which makes them well-rounded individuals who are prepared for the future.”

- Associate Professor Ishita Sinha Roy, Communication Arts

You make life-changing academic relationships with professors and undergraduate research opportunities – experiences that make an Allegheny education unlike any other – possible. Please help students like Aviv and Xander by making your gift to the Annual Fund today. Thank you for your generosity.