Welcome to Allegheny College’s Merriman Bookstore

LOOKING TO SHOP FOR GATOR GEAR OR TEXTBOOKS? Just click on the gator to your right and you’re there!!


The bookstore hours for summer will be noon – 4 p.m. M – F.  We are closed on weekends with the exception of Reunion Weekend (see sidebar).

We are busy collecting textbook orders for Fall term from the faculty, and expect to have the web site ‘live’ for taking text orders sometime around the end of June or early July. (Note to faculty: PLEASE turn your orders in asap! ;)

Please be aware that we have switched to a ‘closed-stack’ system for textbooks.  The stairs to the text section are closed, so you can get your books in 2 ways: order on the web by clicking on the gator to your right, or come to the buyback window (campus center 3rd floor) and fill out an order form.

We have put a register at the buyback window, which means all textbook activity – including sales for counter order – is now done at the window (in between Student Activities and The Campus office).  If we’re not busy, you should be able to just walk  up to the window, fill out the E-Z form, get and pay for your books with no waiting. 

We know that textbooks can be a major expense for your budget, so we are offering two services that might be of assistance: first, we are expanding the Textbooks on Reserve in the Library project for Spring term 2016. The following courses will have at least 2 copies available for 2-hour access: Art 110, Bio 220/221, Chem 110/112/120, Cmpsc 111, Econ 100 (sections 01 + 02), Geo 110, Math 157/158, Math 159,  Math 160, Neuro 120, Phys 101 (all sections) and Psych 170.

Second, the bookstore continues to offer rentals on many of our more expensive titles, but not through the kiosk anymore – you can do it directly through the bookstore web site. (The bookstore, not the library, handles textbook rentals.
Please note: we have discontinued the option of “charging” textbooks to your student ID, but we have hooked our registers up so you can use your PNC account-linked ID (AllCard). You may also visit Financial Services in Schultz to have any positive balances on your student (tuition) account transferred to GatorCash (Shop), which can be used to purchase textbooks at the bookstore.

Meanwhile, here’s a look at what else we’re doing in the store…

Survival Corner – greatly expanded inventory of snacks and health & beauty aids in the front of the store (where greeting cards used to be).  We’re not a full-line C-store yet but we listened to last year’s ASG survey and tried to respond.

Back To Basics – our new lines of clothing (also driven by the ASG survey) that offer great-looking Allegheny gear at equally great prices. We’re talking $20 hoodies and $10 long-sleeved tees….priced to fit your budget and show your school spirit!

Our gift lines now include Vera Bradley and imprinted gator apparel from Vineyard Vines.  We’re also featuring a gorgeous selection of hand-crafted pens, made from Allegheny trees by Allegheny alum  Chris Boness ’11.

On the textbook side, we’ve started a new text rental program, and incorporated some innovative software that lets you shop for course materials from our store while you compare prices from other online sellers. (See the sidebars at left for details and links.)

We want to encourage reading outside of class as well – to this end all books on the main floor are 20% off, all day every day.  If there’s a book you want that we don’t have in stock, we can usually get it for you in 2-3 days and still give a 20% discount.  There is never a postage or handling fee for book special orders.

Computer products: we stock basic supplies such as cables, flash drives, and blank media. We also carry the incredibly popular (at least with Allegheny students) Gumy earbuds at an everyday price of $10.99! (That’s a buck lower than BestBuy’s everyday price)

Allegheny College’s Merriman Bookstore is owned and operated by Allegheny College.  All proceeds are returned to the College and help keep tuition and other costs as low as possible.  We want to be your bookstore – let us know what we can do for you!