Textbook Rentals

Our textbook rental system has changed!  The kiosk is gone, and all rentals are found on the web site, incorporated into the individual title listings for your classes. Just click on the Gator at your right, go to Textbooks, choose term, dept. class and section, then for each title you’ll see new and used prices, along with new and used rental prices IF we are offering rental for that particular title. Overall there probably won’t be as many titles for rent as with the kiosk, but we expect that – on average – prices will be significantly lower.

Once you decide you want to rent, just choose new or used and add it to your cart. Rentals will be included in your check out total and in your box when you get back in January. Reminder:   Rentals may be returned for a full refund through January 20, 2017 ONLY, so make sure you’re not going to drop the class before renting. NO returns on rentals after January 20, 2017 even if you drop the class, sorry.