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Please note: 1) no phone orders for textbooks; 2) if you don’t see your class listed it means the faculty member hasn’t turned in a book order; and 3) online text sales are discontinued as of the end of the second week of classes (i.e. Friday, Sept. 5 for the upcoming Fall Term 2014). Sorry, but we just don’t have the manpower to keep processing web orders when you’re here on campus and can get your books the old-school, self-service way….;)



Allegheny College’s Merriman Bookstore is your one-stop shop for affordable course materials this Fall! We’re now offering innovative price comparison shopping online, a new textbook rental program in-store, and more used books than ever!

Check out how competitive we are! Our new online price comparison website lets you shop for course materials from Allegheny, Amazon, and others.  More interested in convenience? If you know you want to get all your books from us and have them ready for pickup when you get to campus with no worries, time delays or other hassles, then just click on the gator on the right hand side of the page.