Shop for Textbooks

Fall Term 2016: We have made two major changes in the way we supply your textbooks…

1. No more self service. We now have what’s called a ‘closed-stack’ model, i.e you come up to the buyback window on the third floor, you fill out a form telling us what courses/books you want, we fill the order and let you know when it’s ready. It’s very much like ordering your textbooks on our web site (and in fact we would urge you to try our new web site…it’s enhanced!!)

2. No more kiosk rentals and no more Verba comparison site. Both of these functions have been folded into the above-mentioned enhanced web site (which you can visit 24/7 by clicking on the cute gator directly to your right). This means that when you navigate to your specific coursebooks, you will see new, used, rental as well as comparison prices on Amazon all on the same page. BONUS : One of the main enhancements is a daily interface between the web site and our store inventory. On the old site, there was no way to know if we actually had used books in stock or not. You still have to tell us to substitute new or cancel if we don’t have used, but in this new system, if we show used as available then you know we had copies in stock as of 8 a. m. that morning. To me that’s a big improvement! PLUS,  now you can lock in your rental(s)  with the rest of your order and pick everything up in one box when you get here in August.

Word to the wise: If you do plan on buying your books from us…a) THANK YOU! for supporting Allegheny by buying locally; b) it would behoove you to order the books off our web site before you get here in August. If you wait until you arrive, there could be a 1-2 day delay before we have your order ready. I sincerely hope that’s not the case, but this closed-stack thing is still terra incognita in many ways – based on last term’s example, if you haven’t ordered off the web before you get here, it’s probably going to be quicker to go to the window and order directly from the friendly, smiling face at the counter.