Textbook FAQ

IMPORTANT: Web orders for Spring Term 2017 are to be picked up at the buyback window, 3rd floor Campus Center. You must have a pink slip from your post office box to pick up your order(s); if there’s no slip in your p.o. box it means we haven’t filled your order yet.

So how do I get my books now that the stacks are closed off?

Good question. 1) order off the web; or 2)come to the buyback window and fill out an order form. If it’s not busy we can pick your order right there and bill it as well, so it’ll be one-stop shopping. Right at the beginning of the term it’s usually too busy to do the grab-n-go thing, but we will send you an email within 24 hours to come and get your books at the buyback window. All textbook activity – ordering in store, picking up web orders, and picking up counter orders – is now happening at the buyback window.

So what happened to the kiosk?

Glad you asked.  We’ve replaced it with an in-house program that we think will offer lower prices and be easier to use. Just look up your books on our website and (if we do have a rental option for your particular text) you can order your rental and pay for it at checkout  just like with any other book.

How do I find out what books I need for my classes?

Click the gator to your right, click on Textbooks, choose semester (Spring 2017) and then use the dropdowns to find your particular classes. If there is more than one section of your class (e.g. FS101) then you’ll need to know your section number as well. If you do a counter order, there’s a class list printout right there at the buyback window.

Do you also have another web site where I can see comparative pricing from other online sellers?

No – our old Verba compare website has been incorporated into our regular website. Now you can buy or rent from us, or go to Amazon, half.com etc. if you choose – all right from the same page!

Can I buy my books now?

Yes! Just remember that many faculty have not yet turned in book orders.

What if I order a used book and you don’t have any?

When you get to checkout, you will have a choice as to whether you will allow substitutions. If you choose yes, then we will fill your order with a new book (and bill you at the new price). If you choose no, then we will simply cancel your order for that particular title. With our new web site, store inventory is updated every evening on the web, so if we show used as available that means we had copies in stock as of that morning.  This process works the same way if you order a new book and we only have used. All web orders are fully returnable, just like if you bought them in the store.

What if my course isn’t on the dropdown menu?

Some faculty members are still evaluating their syllabi – if your course isn’t listed at all then we have not yet received a book order.

What about the packets that have a price of $0.00?

These are course packets containing book excerpts and articles that your professor has chosen for this particular class. The material is copied and bound by our campus print shop, and then delivered to the bookstore. Until we get delivery we don’t know what the price will be, so if you see the zero price it just means that we haven’t yet received the shipment from the print shop. (And no, it does not mean that you get it for free if you place a web order for it now….nice try ;)

What forms of payment do you accept?

For web orders, you can use Visa/MC/Discover   In store, you can pay with a credit card,  plus cash, check, gift card or “shop”. Shop (also called Gator Cash) is a declining balance debit account that must be funded before use.

What if I buy the wrong book or drop the class?

One of the biggest advantages to buying from us is that we take care of our customers. You have until Friday, Sept. 2 (three days after classes start) to return anything you bought for a full refund – no problems, no hassles, just make sure you keep your receipt. If you end up having to drop a course, we will take the books back for a full refund (new books must still be new; receipt required) through Sept. 12, the end of the drop period .

Can I sell my unwanted texts back to the bookstore at the end of the term?

YES! We pay cash for books at the end of every semester – for Fall 2016 the dates will be Dec. 14 – 21.  We pay 50% of the used retail price for books we know will be used again in Spring 2017.  Buying your books from us helps the College, and it helps keep our local Meadville economy strong as well, so this is one way we can say thanks to our loyal customers.

Do you sell ebooks?

Well, yes and no. Last year we had two classes where the professor asked us to sell a digital version of the textbook, so we did. For the most part, students and faculty seem to agree that – at least right now – printed material is still the best format for learning. We all know that’s going to change, but for the moment we don’t sense much demand for e-texts. I would also advise caution before purchasing any hardware specifically for text purposes – there’s a huge variety of formats out there, and many of them have not yet learned how to play well with others.