Sponsor an Intern

Why sponsor an intern?

Allegheny students bring a fresh perspective and current information about their field. Employers can “try out” students as potential employees, with little or no risk. Many corporations today are hiring from within their own pool of interns, or from those of other companies. Interns can complete a special project that might be put off because of staff and time limitations.

Find an Internship.

Are there different types of internships?

Students are encouraged to work with the sponsoring employer to tailor an internship that best meets their learning objectives, while meeting the needs of the employer. For instance, interns can:

  • Participate in the day-to-day activities of the organization.
  • Complete a special project that would be set aside due to limited time and staff.
  • Act as observers, especially in situations where students would not be allowed to more actively participate, such as interning with a physician.

What is expected from employers?

Employers who choose to sponsor student interns are expected to provide high-quality, career-related experiences that allow the student to learn about their future profession and gain valuable work-related skills. In accordance with the 1938 Fair Labor Standards Act, employers must agree to the following criteria when using unpaid labor:

  • The intern does not displace regular employees.
  • The benefit to the intern will be greater than the benefit to the employer.
  • The intern is not guaranteed a job at the end of the internship.
  • Both the employer and students know that the intern is not entitled to wages.
  • The student receives hands-on training. (Source: Fair Labor Standards Act and The Associated Press)

Services for Employers

  • Internship Database: OCS acts as a clearinghouse for internship information.
  • E-mail Program: Interested students are notified of internships via e-mail.
  • On-campus Recruitment Program: Pre-screening and open sign-up options available.
  • Resume Referral Service: OCS will collect and fax or mail resumes of interested students upon request.

Why Choose Allegheny interns?

Allegheny students participate in a rigorous academic program wherein fundamentals such as strong writing and speak skills, self-confidence, teamwork and leadership skills are emphasized. The strength of the academics is enhanced by a rich extracurricular program that provides the opportunity for students to utilize these skills regularly.

Allegheny Graduates: Highlights

  • 100% abide by The Honor Code
  • 100% of students complete at least one writing course in their sophomore year
  • 100% are computer literate
  • 100% have worked in the seminar format, sharpening their interpersonal skills, by the end of the freshman year
  • Virtually all take part in the 120-plus extracurricular activities, including community service (40% do volunteer work on at least a weekly basis)
  • Well over half hold campus jobs

For more information: To establish an internship or more information, contact Jim Fitch, associate director of career services, Allegheny College, at (814) 332-2381.