An internship is a short-term work experience that offers a student the opportunity to gain valuable career-related experience. Internships help students to make connections between in-class learning and the practical, hands-on world of work.These experiences may be paid or unpaid, with the emphasis being upon learning. Students at Allegheny can choose among several kinds of internships, as follows:

  • Academic Internships are taken for credit, approved and sponsored by a faculty member, and include at least one academic component such as a project, a final paper or a seminar. They often take place during a spring or fall semester and can be taken in conjunction with other classes. Established academic internships are listed in the college catalogue; others can be taken with the approval of a sponsoring faculty member.
  • Noncredit internships do not involve credit and do not require faculty participation. They generally occur when the school year is not in session, and there is not generally an academic component such as a required project or paper. Students who participate in noncredit internships are encouraged to meet with Career Education to identify how to best reflect their experiences on their resumes.
  • Allegheny-Specific Internships are summer-long internships developed specifically for Allegheny College students. These internships are usually with alumni, college trustees, Meadville employers, or others who have some connection with the College.

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To establish an internship or for more information, contact OCS at or (814) 332-2381.