Major Exploration

Declaring your major can be a challenge.

Use the resources below to explore different options.

Interests and Passions. Understanding your interests, values, and strengths is crucial when choosing a major. Take time and think about what you enjoy studying and your extracurricular involvement.

Research Opportunities. Explore all interests and possibilities.

Talk to Professors.  Schedule an appointment or visit office hours to learn more about a specific major or program. Be sure to have questions ready to ask the faculty member during your meeting such as:

  • What classes must I take with this major?
  • What type of student organizations are associated with this major?
  • Are there extra requirements associated with this major?

Pursue your Passion. Why not choose a major you actually enjoy studying? When you choose a major you feel passionate about, you are more likely to be fully engaged with the material you are learning.

What Can I Do With This Major. Whether choosing a major or career, What Can I Do With This Major is a wonderful online resource to use for exploration of different interests and career options. What Can I Do With This Major? is produced by the University of Tennessee Center for Career Development, and rights to use the product are sold through a subscription.

What Can I Do With A Major In. Sponsored by the Career Center at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, this informational site provides insight into different career opportunities associated with academic majors.