Volume 3: December 2010

The Meadville Market House and Project O.N.E. Evolve to Better Serve the Community

written by Kathleen Prosperi ’11

Historic Meadville Market House: Home of Project O.N.E., CEED's demonstration Aquaculture Project, Market House Grill, and the Meadville Council on the Arts.

The Meadville Market House, located at 910 Market Street, has been an integral part of the Meadville community since 1870. It offers a variety of specialty products to customers including local, whole, and organic foods, as well as produce sold by local farmers at a farmer’s market on Saturday and Tuesday mornings. Through Project O.N.E (Offering Nutrition to Everyone), the Market House works to improve accessibility to healthy foods for community members. Project O.N.E. brings local organizations together to support this goal, in addition to providing information about healthy local foods.
Over the summer, I continued the Project O.N.E. tradition of organizing a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. CSA programs provide their members with a weekly supply of fresh, local vegetables, providing small farmers with a reliable clientele and a predicable market throughout the growing season. The Project O.N.E. CSA also offers senior citizens their vegetables at a lower price and home delivery, giving them access to healthy produce that they may not normally have access to.
In addition to organizing the CSA program, I also put together a collection of healthy eating brochures to raise awareness of healthy eating options.