Volume 3: December 2010

A Word from Fahrner Fellow Emily Bacheller ‘11

It is a misconception that Allegheny College shuts down for the summer. Although no classes are offered, many students choose to stay on campus, working in various departments to keep things running smoothly, and working with Meadville organizations to forge strong bonds between campus and the community. In fact, living on campus over the summer allows students to really consider themselves active citizens. While the group of students who stay at Allegheny over the summer is relatively small, spending the summer in town provides unique opportunities to connect with classmates and community members on a daily basis. The achievements of these summer workers are impressive and attest to strong college and community partnerships. The projects accomplished are diverse in variety and wide in scope, and are intended to improve and enrich aspects of daily life for students, local families, and partners.

While I serve as the student editor for the newsletter, many of the articles found here were written by my peers as a way to reflect upon their summer experiences and accomplishments. In is important to note that all of these projects were undertaken with a deep sense of responsibility and that many are ongoing and continue into the school year and into the summer of 2011. The fruits of this summer’s labor are reaped as these students continue their work with a deep commitment to creating positive change in Meadville, the community that we call home.