The Center for Intercultural Advancement and Student Success (CIASS), also called The Intercultural Center, is located on the third floor of the Campus Center and is part of The Allegheny Gateway. CIASS is dedicated to supporting Allegheny College in its ongoing commitment to foster an intellectually and culturally diverse campus community that not only values, but is engaged in trying to understand the experiences of each of our students. To this end, CIASS works collaboratively and cooperatively with the campus community and external constituencies to develop strategic initiatives that enrich the academic, social, cultural, and personal development of all students while creating opportunities to promote intercultural competence through discussion, dialogue, and self-reflection. The primary commitment of CIASS is to serve students, a goal that is implemented through a variety of academic support services, programs, research, and intentional planning activities that:

  • Provide supplemental resources to enhance the academic achievement levels of all students
  • Enhance the leadership skills and competencies of students and student organizations, specifically those engaged in exploring aspects of personal identity, activism, and social justice.
  • Develop an understanding of intercultural competence, social justice, cultural diversity, and student development
  • Improve the overall campus climate to support the activities and culture of our diverse campus community
  • Support faculty and staff efforts to infuse interculturalism in curriculum, scholarship, and creative work
  • Highlight the educational and societal values of campus intercultural experiences – helping to prepare students for the challenges that they will face in an intercultural and global community beyond Allegheny