Sister Circle

Sister Circle is a network of women on campus who come together to support the experiences of women students of color at Allegheny.

Our formal meetings focus on one or more specific topics and involve dinner in a supportive space with multiple Sister Circle Mentors and students from all class years.

The First Sister Circle meeting of 2014 – 2015 is

Thursday, Sept. 18th, 5:15pm – 6:45pm in Carr 239 

Dinner provided

In addition to the “formal” meetings, Sister Circle hosts various informal opportunities to gather such as the Sister Circle Clothing Swap and our past shopping trip to Buffalo, NY. We also connect the group with resources and events on campus that will help you: get an on-campus job, prepare for applying/interviewing/etc. for jobs during and after college, organize your social and academic activities, connect to faculty and opportunities to work with them, improve your study habits, get involved with the local community, etc.

What is Sister Circle?  Sister Circle is a network of women from the Allegheny and Meadville community who work together to help the women of color at Allegheny find the academic and social resources necessary to be a successful Allegheny graduate. The organizers plan 3 – 4 topic-focused meetings each semester that focus on a particular topic to share with current Allegheny women identified students. In addition, we plan trips, study breaks, and other informal activities.

Who attends Sister Circle?   Sister Circle is facilitated by several staff, faculty, and community members who are committed to the success of women of color and all students at Allegheny. Allegheny College is classified as a PWI or Predominantly White Institute, thus Sister Circle is primarily focused on women from non-dominant racial and ethnic identities. A mixture of women first through fourth year attend.

Why attend? Your success now and in the future can be positively impacted by the relationships you build in your community. Getting to know faculty, staff, and upper class students will help you learn about internships, potential jobs, and other opportunities to which you may not otherwise be connected. Learning about the other women in Sister Circle also helps  each person in the group to be a resource to one another. During the year, Sister Circle will host workshops with guest facilitators during our dinner meetings that will help you better understand and get the most out of your Allegheny experience. We will also work with SC members to plan outings in the area such as visiting the metropolitan area’s nearby, going to the theater, and participating in other cultural events.
If you have additional questions about Sister Circle, please contact <vguerrero>


Sister Circle 2013-2014 schedule 

All meetings scheduled from 5:15pm – 6:45pm unless otherwise indicated.

Sept 12th Carr Hall 238 Welcome! Intros, Goal-setting, Time Management
Oct. 17th Carr Hall 238 Professionalism & Etiquette, presented by Career Education
Nov. 21st Carr Hall 238 Planning for your future & your present: Summer research opportunities with Prof. Lee Coates, intro to internships, what is mentoring?, and support check-ins with the sister circle mentors
Dec. 6th CC 303 Study Break
Jan. 24th Carr 239 Resume Workshop and Summer Planning presented by Career Education
Feb. 13th Carr 239 Women’s Health
March 13th Carr 239 Empowerment through Knowing Yourself
April 10th Carr 239 Goals Review