Social Justice Resources

CIASS strives to offer numerous ways to continue the learning of all faculty, staff, and students, related to issues of inclusion, social justice, and cross-cultural understanding. We are continuously working to expand our online and physical resources for the Allegheny community and provide here a compilation of suggested books, articles, videos, and online information sources in addition to offering a physical library of resources within our office in the Henderson Campus Center.

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CIASS Library

Why a Library?

Over the years CIASS has become a resource for students, staff, and faculty about a wide variety of topics. Whenever CIASS travels to conferences or learns of new relevant books, we add them to our book wish list in hopes of purchasing them for our library. Our library features a collection of books and media relating to inclusion, diversity, social identities (such as race or sexual orientation), and privilege. Anyone in our community is welcome to check out these books.