Joe Tompkins

Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Communication Arts/Theatre
Degrees: B.A., University of Minnesota; Ph.D., University of Minnesota
Phone: 332-2307
Office: VCCA 306

Office Hours:
TBA Fall Semester
Others by Appointment

Joe Tompkins is an assistant professor of Communication Arts with a PhD in Comparative Studies in Discourse and Society from the University of Minnesota.  He teaches courses in critical media studies and political economy.  As a researcher, his areas of interest include the economics of corporate media systems, theories of social inequality and class analysis.  Above all professor Tompkins is concerned with studying media as sites of institutional and ideological power—which is to say, as influential frameworks through which we make sense of the world.

His current work explores how American sports finds its place within the context of neoliberal politics; publications along these lines include: “It’s About Respect! Left Neoliberalism and College-Athlete Activism” in Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies and “A Postgame Interview for the Ages: Richard Sherman and the Dialectical Rhetoric of Racial Neoliberalism” in the Journal of Sport and Social Issues.

Professor Tompkins is also the co-editor of Film Criticism, a peer-reviewed, online film journal with over 40 years of continuous publication. In addition to showcasing cutting-edge academic research, the journal also features reviews of contemporary film and media.