Student Stories

Dan Bauer

“The Vukovich Center is the newest building on campus, and the TV studio is very advanced. The department faculty are always open to new ideas and very willing to make appointments to talk with you, even if you’ve never had a class with them. They’re the kind of people who want to get things done, and if you have a new idea, they want to help you.”

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Michael Young

“For my Junior Seminar, I worked with two other students to devise a theatre piece about coming to college called “Who Made Us Robots?” We started out without a script, using inspiration from diary entries, Facebook posts, and personal experiences. Throughout the process, we talked about coming-of-age stories and finding who you are, and one of my partners on the project actually became more comfortable about her identity through the performance. It was very liberating to see not only how we could create new work as students that was both aesthetically interesting and unique, but also to see the effect the work had on the people involved.”

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Colleen McCaughey

Colleen McCaughey’s Allegheny experience has involved everything from political parties to cast parties. A Theatre and Political Science double major, Colleen has enjoyed exploring the various aspects of both fields and finding the unexpected connections between them. “Not many schools would take an actor with political interest seriously,” says Colleen, “but at Allegheny I am able to pursue Political Science while still developing as a performer. Only because of the unusual combinations of Allegheny am I able to distribute my time equally among all of my passions.”

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Brian Wetzel

Brian Wetzel’s Allegheny experience has taken him from the sidelines to the stage. A Communication Arts major interested in sports and theatre, Brian has explored his unusual combination both inside and outside of the classroom.

A former football player and dedicated sports fan, Brian cultivated his enthusiasm for athletics by taking various media courses emphasizing sports marketing, journalism, and politics. His senior comprehensive project focused on the power relationships of today’s college football landscape. “I researched the most high profile scandals of college sports, the media coverage they received, and the power relations revealed through the media,” Brian explains.

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Ashley Biletnikoff

Not many college students land a job before their senior year. But Ashley Biletnikoff has already secured a position in the communications department of General Electric in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Ashley, a psychology minor, began as a summer intern and the following summer worked in the marketing department. This past year, she moved to the communications and public affairs department, where she planned events, developed communication plans, designed flyers and posters, and wrote articles. They asked her to join the company on a part-time basis until she graduated.

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