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Resolved: Issue with Test and Quizzes tool in Sakai

Resolved:  We believe that the problem some students have encountered while attempting to submit quizzes in Sakai’s Test & Quizzes tool have been resolved. If you experience continued problems with this feature in Sakai, please contact or

Original Post: Instructional technologists are getting numerous reports of students being unable to submit completed quizzes through Sakai’s Test & Quizzes tool.

The problem is looking more wide-spread than we originally thought.  The problem is being investigated.  As additional information is learned, this post will be updated.

Should you have additional questions, please contact ( or

Problems accessing files in ShareStream

ShareStream was updated over the weekend and since that time some users have had trouble accessing audio and video files stored on the system. Access to those files can be restored by clearing your web-browser’s cache. Here is a tutorial that explains how to clear the cache on the most common web-browsers:’s-Cache

Please contact an instructional technologist if you have any questions.

ShareStream update has been rescheduled.

There was a slight problem with the update to ShareStream that was scheduled for Thursday  so it had to be delayed until Saturday morning. ShareStream is now scheduled to be updated between 2:00-6:00am on Saturday, September 7. The ShareStream service will be unavailable during this time, however everything else in Sakai will continue to work as normal.

Please contact an instructional technologist if you have any questions.

Sakai will be unavailable from 8-10 am on June 12

On Wednesday, June 12, Allegheny Sakai is going to be updated to version 2.9 and will unavailable from 8:00 am until about 10:00 am. Notes on the new features of Sakai 2.9 are forthcoming. 

Please contact an instructional technologist if you have any questions.


New streaming media tool now available in Sakai

During the Spring semester 2013 we will be piloting a new tool for Sakai called ShareStream. ShareStream is a multimedia platform that integrates with Sakai and enables instructors to stream video and audio to their students. In addition to tools for viewing, editing, organizing, and searching multimedia, ShareStream also includes sophisticated digital rights management, so it is easy to limit who has access to multimedia files, when they can access them, and from where.

More information on ShareStream is available here.

Please contact an instructional technologist if you have any questions about ShareStream or using multimedia in your classes.