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Wufoo Connection Issues

Wufoo is reporting intermittent connection issues.  Follow their twitter feed for up to the moment updates.

Update: Working Networking Issue in College Houses on Prospect Street

Update: This issue was resolved at approximately 6:00pm on 2/3/14.  The Residence Hall Network Technician followed up with residents of the the houses to confirm their internet access was restored.

Original Post: There was an issue reported with no Internet/Network access at 298 Prospect St.   On investigation network administrators found water damage which caused a power circuit to trip.

The Director of the Network and Technical Services is configuring a replacement switch along with supporting equipment. Internet access is expected to be restored later this afternoon.

This issue is affecting 298 Prospect and 294 Prospect Street.

Resolved: Gmail Disruption Being Investigated

Resolved: At 3:25pm on 1/24/14 Google reports that the disruption experienced by a portion of users was corrected and all services are running as expected.

Update: At 2:58pm on 1/24/14 Google reports that the disruption is also being investigated on additional services including but not limited to:

  • Google Calendar
  • Google Talk
  • Google Drive
  • Google Sites
  • Google Groups

It is worth noting that because of the nature of how Google provides access to Google Apps for Education, it is hard to identify which if any of the disruptions being investigated will actually disrupt the experience of the Allegheny community.

Original Post: Google reported that at 2:12 on 1/24/14 that they were investigating a reported disruption to Gmail.

Resolved: Working on Wireless Disruption

Resolved:  Access to AC-Wireless was restored at 9:07am on 9/25.  If you continue to have difficulties connecting, please contact Computing Services.

Original: At approximately, 9:00am the help desk started to receive reports that AC-Wireless was not available on campus.  In checking with the network administrators they were already working to trouble shoot and address the disruption.  As we know more, this post will be updated.

Count Day Announced

Happy Count Day!

Tuesday, September 10th is this semester’s Count Day when we verify that all of our student information is in sync for this semester.

As we have done in the past, the Datatel/Colleague system (including Colleague Advancement for Development) will not be available to users from 10am to 5pm on this Tuesday, September 10th.

Please remind everyone that they have to log off of Datatel/Colleague by 10am Tuesday (or they will be forced off by Computing Services at 10am).

Informer will remain up on Count Day.