Academic Schedule

Academic spaces may be used for meetings on weekends, during Fall and Spring Break and during the summer months. See the highlighted dates on the schedules below for times available to external groups.

Allegheny’s residential facilities are available for summer conferences beginning the third week of May through the first week of August.

Banquets and receptions may be held at almost any time. Avoid campus-wide event days such as homecoming, family weekend and reunion weekend.

The 2015-2016 Academic Calendar

2015 Fall Semester
August 22 Saturday Matriculation
August 25 Tuesday Classes Begin
October 10-13 Sat. – Tues. Fall Break
October 23 – 25 Fri. – Sun. Family Weekend
November 25-29 Wed. – Sun. Thanksgiving Break
December 8 Tuesday Classes End
December 10-15 Thurs. – Tues. Final Examinations
2016 Spring Semester
January 16 Saturday Residence halls open
January 19 Monday First day of classes
March 19-27 Sat. – Sun. Spring Break
May 3 Tuesday Last day of classes
May 5 – 10 Thurs. – Tues. Final Examinations
May 14 Saturday Commencement