Academic Conduct

The Academic Honor Program is designed to promote individual responsibility and integrity in academic affairs and to develop an atmosphere conducive to serious independent scholarship. Allegheny’s Honor Code is different than those of many other colleges because it is a student code, developed and upheld by the students themselves rather than imposed by the College administration. A voluntary honor system was established in 1960, and by 1962 over two-thirds of the student body participated in the program. The following year, the student body voted to make the honor program mandatory. This decision, also approved by the faculty and administration, first applied to the class that entered the College in 1964. Every three years since 1990, the Honor Committee conducts a student referendum to determine if the student body wishes to continue the honor system. The Honor Code has consistently been supported by an overwhelming majority of students. A complete description of the Honor Code can be found here and in the student handbook, The Compass. Any member of the College community may report an alleged violation of the Honor Code. Such reports shall be prepared in writing and directed to the Honor Committee. Reports should be submitted as soon as possible after the alleged violation occurs.

For more details on academic violations and honor committee procedures follow the link below:

Faculty Handbook

The Honor Committee

The Honor Committee is the first level of inquiry in all cases of alleged violations of the Allegheny College Honor Code. The Honor Committee is composed of twelve students: four seniors, four juniors, four sophomores. Selection of new members and a chairperson will be conducted in accordance with the Honor Committee Constitution. The Honor Committee will appoint three of its members to serve as a Review Panel for each alleged violation in accordance with the Honor Committee Constitution. The Honor Committee Review Panel will conduct an inquiry of the alleged violation(s), including meetings with the accused student. This inquiry will be conducted in accordance with the Honor Committee Constitution. The panel will report the results of its inquiry to the full Honor Committee. If the Honor Committee determines that there is a reasonable likelihood that a violation of the Honor Code occurred, it will refer the alleged violation to the Academic Integrity Board.


The Academic Integrity Board (AIB)

The Academic Integrity Board is the hearing board for all cases of alleged violations of the Honor Code. The Academic Integrity Board consists of five full-time faculty members selected according to procedures governing appointment of faculty to standing committees of the College, and eight full-time students appointed by Allegheny Student Government and approved by a two-thirds vote of the ASG Senate. At least six members of the board must be present to conduct a hearing. An equal number of student and faculty members must be present. The board will conduct a hearing to consider relevant facts about the alleged violation, to discuss the alleged violation, to determine whether the Honor Code has been violated, and to determine sanctions, if appropriate. The Assistant Dean of Students coordinates the administrative functions of the Academic Integrity Board. Questions regarding this process should be directed to the Dean of Students Office.