Gifts in Action

Your financial support has an immediate and lasting impact on the people, programs, and places of Allegheny College. The continued generosity of alumni, parents, and friends of the College helps us to maintain our national reputation for academic rigor and producing successful graduates. Below, learn more about how gifts make a difference in the lives of Allegheny faculty and students.


“This generosity has changed my life. I have gone through so many experiences and have been granted so many amazing opportunities that would not have been made possible if I didn’t receive the financial help to attend Allegheny.”

—Lakiea Simmons ’16

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“Not every day does someone wake up and realize that there are great people in this world.””

—Robert DiMaggio ’17

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“It was memorable socially, professionally, and academically and it was all that I could ask of a summer.”

—Yukihide Nakada ’16

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“Receiving an Allegheny education is more than just a diploma for me. It is experience gained, connections formed, lessons learned and a life-changing four years.”

—Ashley Weibel ’18

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“I have gained true independence, a more positive outlook on life, and a thirsty desire to return to France.”

—Brianna Fowler ’16

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“This internship is going to give me a leg up on other students while applying for jobs.”

—Brian Holland ’16

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“You helped to facilitate deep and meaningful conversations about compassion, non-violence, and peace.”

—Mackenzie O’Connor ’16

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“You helped to facilitate deep and meaningful conversations about compassion, non-violence, and peace.”

—Levi Lundell ’17

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“This grant has not only helped me attend Allegheny College, it has also taught me how important community is here at the college.”

—Aubri Caslin ’17

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“I would not have been able to accept this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity if not for this generous funding.”

—Katelyn Cassel ’16

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“Allegheny has undoubtedly provided me with a foundation of knowledge for the future, but has also given me the support I need to pursue my passions. Thank you!”

—Letizia Campo ’17

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“Thank you for helping to make my Allegheny dream a reality through your generous support.”

—Bennett Gould ’16

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Next Chapter Book ClubBreaking Barriers Through Books

The Next Chapter Book Club may seem like a typical neighborhood reading group, but it’s actually part of an Allegheny faculty-student research project, aimed at making a positive impact on individuals’ lives and the Meadville community. Read more.

Gabby IzzoMaking a Difference

Because of you, students like Gabby Izzo are able to participate in unique off-campus experiences like health coaching. Read more about Gabby…

Yukihide Nakada Grants open world of opportunities

Yukihide Nakada’s love of mathematics and philosophy has taken him around the world, thanks to the generous donations from Allegheny supporters. Read more.

Madison GeorgiThanks to you, I have a ‘voice’

Madison Georgi believes Allegheny is not only a place to become successful; it is where she can pursue her dreams of being a musician. Read more about Madison…