Special Housing Requests

A major part of the college educational experience is for students to learn to live on their own.  Allegheny College provides on-campus housing to enhance intellectual, social, and cultural development through the experience of living with other individuals who bring a variety of social and cultural backgrounds to the community.

Occasionally, a student may feel that he or she needs special consideration in residence hall assignments due to a disability.  When such a situation occurs, the student should contact the Learning Commons to discuss the request for special consideration.

Special housing is viewed as part of an active treatment plan. The College requires supporting documentation from an appropriately licensed professional that outlines how a special housing assignment supports your medical needs. Please be aware that a diagnosis of a medical condition in and of itself does not automatically qualify you for a special housing assignment.

Please note that requests for single rooms based on a student’s desire to have a “quiet, undisturbed place to study” will be considered only in unusual circumstances.  By virtue of the shared facilities, resources, and number of people living under one roof in the residence halls, a single room does not provide for such quiet, distraction-free space to any appreciable degree beyond living in a standard double room.

Private rooms are not provided as an accommodation if the accommodation can be provided in another way.  Private rooms are not typically granted as an accommodation for ADHD and Learning Disabilities.

Approval for an air-conditioned room as an accommodation requires documentation of a substantial physical or medical impairment.  Allergies and asthma do not generally represent a need for an accommodation. Students wanting an air-conditioned room but who cannot meet the required standard should make a request through the regular room draw process with Residence Life.

Special requests for residence hall assignments should be made as soon as the student has decided to attend or continue at Allegheny College.  The deadline for these requests are June 15th for new students and March 1st for returning students.   Special requests need to be submitted each year; they do not carry forward.  Every effort will be made to meet the student’s needs.  If the request cannot be honored for the upcoming semester because it was requested after the deadline, the student will be put on a waiting list for consideration as openings occur.

Students who wish to make a Special Housing Request need to have the following form completed by their physician: Special Housing Request Application