A Road Map for Economics Majors

Navigating your journey through the study of economics at Allegheny and beyond!

A Road Map for Economics Majors
A Road Map for Economics Majors

What kind of careers can a student aspire to in Economics?  What are the advantages of a course of study in Business Economics?

The Economics program offers students the skills and competencies needed to be successful in a broad array of careers in business.   Allegheny graduates worldwide are in top leadership positions in banking, finance, human resources, wealth management, consulting, sale & marketing as well as C-level executives in both the public and non-profit sector.

Why Economics?
Stephen Z. Onyeiwu, PhD, Professor and Chair, Department of Economics

“Economics is a discipline that offers something valuable to everyone. It offers the skills and competencies needed to be successful in a broad array of careers, including banking, finance, wealth management, consulting, sales, marketing, public and non-profit sector, etc.  Several national surveys have shown that the return on investment for an economics major is sizable, as manifested in the high starting salaries of economics graduates. Those interested in intellectual discourse will find the history of economic ideas, and the ideological debates within the discipline, to be very alluring. They will have the opportunity to learn about the ideas of great philosophers and economic thinkers.

Economists dominate the public policy arena, analyzing policy issues and offering advice that have tremendous impact on people’s lives. Far from being the ‘dismal science,’ the discipline has developed credible analytical tools for predicting future economic events. Whether you’re listening to CNBC, CNN Money, or reading the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, you’ll always encounter lively discussions about economic issues that affect you directly or indirectly. For many students, Economics serves as a veritable linchpin for graduate programs in economics, law, business, finance, international studies, public policy, etc.

Students whose passion lies in business, finance, entrepreneurship and marketing will find the Business Economics Track within the Economics major a desired path toward successful careers in the business world.  Infused with out-of-classroom activities such as internships, business plan competitions, mentoring, lunchtime learning opportunities and experiential learning trips to major cities, the Business Economics Track not only offers a variety of business-related courses, but also enables students to apply them to the real world…”

Read the full text from Professor Onyeiwu and discover how students progress from Freshmen to successful career by clicking on this link:  A Roadmap for Economics Majors