Emergency Procedures

The purpose of Allegheny College’s emergency procedures site is to provide instructions for responding to emergencies affecting the College. This site is used to provide information about specific emergencies and the actions individuals should take to ensure their safety. This site also includes information about resources the College will use to communicate with members of the campus community during an emergency.

Allegheny has an Emergency Management Team (EMT) that consists of College officials who make strategic decisions during an emergency. During an emergency, the EMT has the following responsibilities: 1) to analyze the conditions of an event; 2) to allocate and direct distribution of resources; 3) to restore important College operations; and 4) to provide for the safety of students, employees, and visitors.

The team consists of the following personnel: the President of the College, Vice President of Finance and Planning, Associate Vice President of Finance and Planning, Dean of the College, Dean of Students, Director of Public Safety, Director of Physical Plant, Director of Residence Life, and Director of Public Affairs.

Emergency Procedures

Allegheny College continually reviews its procedures for ensuring the safety of our community. The following links will provide you with easy-to-follow information about what to do in case of specific emergencies.

Emergency Resources

In the event of an emergency the College will notify the community through one or all of the following methods: College website, mass text messages and emails that community members have registered to receive, building coordinators, and a campus siren. The siren will be used only in the event of an imminent threat. The campus siren will be used in coordination with other messages that will instruct you on actions to take. When you hear the campus siren, you will receive additional information through one or more of the following resources:

Instructions for Specific Emergencies