Complete a job application and submit it to the supervisor of the job.  Follow up with the supervisor about any additional applications required and to arrange an interview.  Click here for a job application. Click here to view a list of student job openings.

MANDATORY PAYROLL FORMS (usually done at orientation – only completed once):

1. Print the Confidentiality Agreement, complete and return it to the Financial Aid Office located in the 454 Admissions House.

2. If you have never been paid by the college, you must complete the I-9, W-4, Local Services Tax Exemption Certificate, Local Earned Income Tax Residency Certification Form,  Medical Treatment Form and Workers’ Compensation Form. These forms are available by clicking here.  The forms need to be completed and submitted to the Human Resources Office on the second floor of Bentley Hall  OR to the Office of Financial Aid.  Remember to take identification with you.  You can use either a passport, or both a driver’s license and social security card or birth certificate.


1. Once you complete the mandatory payroll forms, we will email you a Student Employment Form. Print out the email, sign the bottom of the form, and then contact your supervisor for his/her Supervisor’s Student Employment Form.  Please attach the two forms and turn them into the Financial Aid Office. These forms MUST be submitted before you start working. If they are not, there will not be an electronic time-sheet available for you on which to enter hours.

2. A Student Employment Form is required for EVERY job and must be completed EVERY academic year.

3. If you are working over Summer or Winter Breaks, you will need to complete separate Student Employment Forms.

ENTERING HOURS ON YOUR ELECTRONIC TIMESHEET (viewable only if all forms have been processed):

1. Log onto your WebAdvisor account.

2. Listed under Student Timesheets

  • Click on “Enter Student Timesheets”
  • Select the current Academic Year and click submit

3. A list of all of your jobs will appear.  Select the job for which you wish to enter hours and click Submit.

4. A list of all timesheets for the academic year will appear.  Select the timesheet for the dates you wish to enter and click Submit.

5. Next, the timesheet will appear, and you can enter your hours.

6. After you have entered hours, click Submit to save them.  Do NOT check the box that says “submit to supervisor” until the end of the month when you have all of your hours entered.  If you check this box before you have entered all of your hours you will not be able to enter the remaining hours.

7. Before 11:59 p.m. on the last day of the month, you must submit the timesheet to your supervisor.

  • To do this, simply click the small box located on the bottom left-hand side beside “Submit to supervisor” and click Submit.
  • Go back to make certain the timesheet’s status changed to “Submitted”.
  • Status Values:
  1. No Time Sheet – this period is outside the Start and End dates for the job.
  2. No Hours – the timesheet is available but has no hours entered.
  3. Hours Entered – some hours have been entered on this timesheet, but it has not yet been submitted to the supervisor for approval.
  4. Submitted – this timesheet has been completed by the student and submitted to the supervisor for approval.
  5. Approved – this timesheet has been submitted to the supervisor and has been approved by the supervisor.  It is ready for payment.
  6. Transmitted – this timesheet is either being processed for the next pay date, or the student has already been paid for the hours on the timesheet.
  • If you work at an off-campus agency or at Parkhurst, after you electronically submit your timesheet, you need to print the timesheet for your supervisor to sign.  Please make certain that your name, ID number and the agency name appear on the timesheet.  Then have the timesheet delivered to the Financial Aid Office by 5:00 p.m. by the first business day of the month.
    • You can then go back in at any time to see the progress of the timesheet, as well as to see any changes made by your supervisor or the Financial Aid Office.



1. The Authorization for Direct Payroll Deposit is an option for students who wish to have their wages directly deposited into their bank account.  If you choose to complete this form, submit it with a deposit slip to the Payroll Office.  If you do not complete this form, your paycheck will be placed in your campus box each month.

2. The Local Services Tax Exemption Certificate is valid for one calendar year.  Typically, anyone who works in the City of Meadville pays a Local Services Tax of $52 per year.  However, students who are expecting to earn less than $12,000 for the calendar year may complete and submit this Exemption Certificate so that the $52 Local Services Tax will not be taken from their wages.  Students choosing  to complete the form would complete a new form each year before receiving their first paycheck in the new calendar year.