Frequently Asked Questions


Q. I lost my ID card. Where can I get a replacement card?

A. The Office of Safety and Security will replace your card. There is a $25 fee to recieve the new card.

Q.  What is Gator Cash?

A. Gator Cash is a declining balance account that is available to access using your AllCard.  You can use it for purchases at McKinley’s, Brooks, Grounds for Change, and the Bookstore.

Q. How do I add money to my Gator Cash account?

A. Students can add money to their Gator Cash account by check or cash. Deposit money online, stop by the Financial Services Office and fill out a Gator Cash Deposit Form or download the form and mail a check to our Office.

Q. Can I withdraw cash from my Gator Cash account?

A. No. The Gator Cash account balance carries forward from year to year until you graduate or withdraw from the College. You will receive a refund at that time.

Q. Can I apply my credit balance to my Gator Cash account?

A. Yes. Please stop by the Financial Services office to fill out a request form or access your WebAdvisor account and fill in the on-line Gator Cash Transfer form and mail to our Office.


Q.Will you accept credit cards for payment of tuition and fees? A. Allegheny College now accepts credit card payments through TMS. Learn more.Q. Will you accept e-check payments?A. Allegheny College will accept e-check payments through TMS. Learn more.

Q. Where is my $400 pre-matriculation deposit, and can I apply it toward my balance due?

A. The $400 pre-matriculation deposit is held until the student graduates or withdraws from the College. The deposit is held to indicate that the student plans to return to Allegheny for each succeeding academic year or semester. It also continues to obligate the College to reserve a place for that student. The student is expected to notify the Office of the Dean of Students in writing if he or she intends to withdraw from the College. This must be done before July 1 prior to the start of the Fall Semester, and by one week prior to the first official day of classes for the Spring Semester. Failure to give such notification by these deadlines results in the forfeiture of on half of the deposit. Any balance of the deposit held by the College (after any outstanding charges have been deducted) is refundable after graduation or withdrawal from the College. The deposit cannot be applied to your balance due before graduation or withdrawal from the College.

Q. When is my balance due?

A. Payment Plans must be in place or standard payment must be received prior to the first day class begins each semester. The due dates are as follows: Fall Semester, the July 31; Spring Semester, December 31. Monthly balances are due by the end of each month the charges are incurred.

Q. Where should I mail payments for charges appearing on my billing statement? Where can I pay my tuition bill?

A. Payments should be mailed to: Allegheny College, Financial Services, Box 9, 520 North Main Street,  Meadville, PA 16335. Payment for charges appearing on the billing statement may also be hand-delivered to Financial Services, Schultz Hall.

Q. How can I get more detail about the financial aid that is showing on my bill?

A. Please contact the Office of Financial Aid at (814) 332-2701 / (800)835-7780.

Q. Why don’t I have any financial aid showing on my bill?

A. Please contact the Office of Financial Aid at (814) 332-2701 / (800) 835-7780.


Q. Are there annual fees?

A. Yes. More information.

Q. Do I have to carry Allegheny Health Insurance?

A. You do not have to carry Allegheny’s Health Insurance if you are covered under another health insurance that is valid in Pennsylvania. Please access your WebAdvisor account and complete the on-line insurance waiver form to decline coverage. Deadlines do apply.

Q. I was charged for Health Insurance. How can I get it removed from my bill?

A. Access your WebAdvisor account and complete the on-line insurance waiver form. You must be prepared to show proof that the student is covered by other insurance that is valid in Pennsylvania.  Deadlines do apply.

Q. How can I pay for my books?

A. There are three payment methods available to students.

  1. Charge books to your Gator Cash account. Money must already be deposited into the account. Deposit online through Allegheny’s GET Funds website.
  2. Pay with check, cash, credit card, or Gator Cash.

Q. How do I get a parking permit?

A. You can purchase a parking permit in the Office of Safety and Secuity. The permit is $150 per year.  Parking permit applications are available on-line through WebAdvisor.

Q. I didn’t bring a car in the beginning of the fall semester. Can I purchase a parking permit later in the year?

A. Yes. Parking permits are available at any time through the Office of Safety and Security.

Meal Plans

Q. When do I choose a meal plan? 

A. Students must select a meal plan before the start of the semester. The Daily Plan will be given to students who do not select a meal plan before the start of the semester.

Q. Can I change my meal plan?

A. Yes. Meal plans can be changed within the first 2 weeks of each semester. Please access your WebAdvisor account and complete the on-line Meal Plan Change form.

Q. Can I change my meal plan for the spring semester?

A. Yes. Meal plans can be modified during the first 2 weeks of the semester. If no changes are made, the plan that was in place in the fall will be carried over into the spring semester. Please access your WebAdvisor account and complete the on-line Meal Plan Change form.

Q. How do I change my meal plan?

A. Please access your WebAdvisor account and complete the on-line Meal Plan Change form.

Q. What happens with my meal or MUNCH money if I don’t use all of it?

A. Both meal and MUNCH funds will be forfeited at the end of each semester.

Q. How do I keep track of my account balance? What if I run low?

A. Anytime you are curious, ask the cashier for your balance information. If you need to add to your account, you can add Gator Cash to build up your account balance. Gator Cash, which can be spent like Munch Money, can also be used at Brooks and the Bookstore. Gator Cash, unlike Munch Money, carries over from year to year, with unused balances refunded upon graduation or withdrawal.

Q. What do I do if I lose my card?

A. As soon as you know your card is missing, please notify the Office of Safety & Security. A new replacement card will be issued for a fee. Report your card lost through GET Funds website or smartphone app. Learn more.

Q. Can I treat a friend to a meal?

A. You can use Munch Money any time you want to “pick up the tab”. Meals are limited to your personal consumption, with the exception of 10 meal per semester. You may ask to override the personal consumption limit at a meal and use one of the 10 meals to “pick up the tab” for a friend or family member at Brooks.

Q. How does switching meal plans affect my bill?

A. All meal plans can be changed through the first two weeks of classes. For Plans except the Mini Plan, the full amount of your previous plan is credited and you are chared for the full amount of the new plan. All Meals and Munch used to date will be applied to the new plan. Any transfers of Meals or Munch resulting in a negative balance will be reviewed by Financial Services. For changes to the Mini Plan, a prorated credit for the remainder of the semester will be applied to the student bill based on the previous plan and a charge for the Mini Plan will be added.

Q. How can I make suggestions?

A. Parkhurst is committed to making your dining experience a good one. If you have suggestions, you are always welcome to speak with any of our chefs, managers or supervisors. Call (814)332-2317.

Payment Plan

Q. I have a payment plan in place. Why is there a balance due on my bill?

A. There could be added fees such as book store charges or you may need to adjust your payments with TMS. Learn More.

Q. I have a payment plan in place. Why is there a credit balance on my bill?

A. Please contact TMS to adjust your budget. If you have any questions, please contact the Financial Services Office at (800) 376-7075 or email

Q. Can I get a refund from TMS?

A. Your credit balance can be applied to the next semester only by request.  After your TMS budget is paid in full, you can request a refund through Allegheny’s Financial Services Office.


Q. How do I get the credit on my account refunded to me?

A. If it is a Title IV refund (Federal program related), the credit amount will automatically be mailed to your home address. For all other types of refunds, the request can be completed online by logging on to your WebAdvisor account and selecting the “Credit Refund Request” link.