Welcome New Students

Financial Services Office
Located in Schultz Hall

We manage student billing.  We can answer your questions regarding:

  • Tuition charges
  • Room and Board charges
  • Meal Plans
  • Miscellaneous fees
  • Payments
  • Financial Aid disbursements
  • Refunds of excess funds, when applicable

Deposit Information

All new Allegheny students are required to make a pre-matriculation deposit of $400 to hold their place in the freshman class.  In turn, it obligates the College to reserve a place for that student.

This deposit is similar to a security deposit and does not offset student account charges.

After the student leaves the College (withdrawal or graduation), the deposit will be applied to the student’s account to offset any remaining charges on the account.  Any credit balance will be refunded to the student.

* Student’s must notify the Office of the Dean of Students in writing by July 1 for the fall semester and one week prior to the first official day of classes for the spring semester if he or she intends to withdraw from the College.  Failure to meet these deadlines results in the forfeiture of half of the deposit.

Tuition Bill

Initial bills are prepared early July for fall semester and early December for spring semester. Tuition, room and board charges are included on these initial bills, as well as general fees. Bills are prepared on a monthly basis for all subsequent account activity.

Additional Financial Aid

The Pending Aid section on your Tuition Bill shows your current known available aid. If you have additional scholarships, grants, or loans, please refer to the Office of Financial Aid.

Pending aid shows on your statement until:

  • Aid is finalized
  • Deadline for aid has passed.  Full account balance is then due.

Tuition Bill Payment Options

Payment of tuition and fees or payment plan set-up (TMS) is due prior to the first day of each semester. Payment options are:

*Your payment must be received by the due date on your bill to avoid a finance charge. Please allow time for processing (5 – 7 days).

TMS Payment Plan

The Allegheny Tuition Payment Plan administered by Tuition Management Systems (TMS) through the Student Account Center Portal. It is recommended to help you budget payment of your educational expenses and limit your debt. This plan provides a convenient method for paying tuition, required fees, room and board in monthly installments. It is available to parents of Allegheny students and in some instances may be made available directly to students.

*Payment Plans must be in place or standard payment must be received prior to the first day class begins each semester.

Refunds of Excess Financial Aid

Refunds of credit balances will be processed as outlined below:

  • Result of excess of Title IV financial aid will be available two weeks after the first day of the semester OR two weeks after the date the aid was applied to the student’s account, whichever is later.
  • Credit balances that are not a result of Title IV financial aid will not automatically be refunded. Please access your WebAdvisor account and fill out a Credit Refund Request form. Credit refund processing will begin three weeks after the start of classes each semester.

*Students should plan ahead to manage rent and expenses.  Individual requests for advances cannot be honored. Refunds are not processed until there is a credit on the student account.

*Checks will be mailed to the student’s home address.

Allegheny Student e-mail Account

As a new student, you will receive an Allegheny College e-mail account. Important information from the Financial Services Office, as well as other departments, will be communicated to you via e-mail so you will need to view it on a regular basis. Please contact Information Technology Services with any questions that you may have (814)332-2755.

Allegheny ID Card (AllCard)

All students are required to have a permanent College ID. Consequently, students are provided with an Allegheny AllCard, Allegheny’s photo ID.  The card may be used only by the individual to whom it is registered and is non-transferable.  This card serves as:

  • Permanent picture identification card
  • Meal plan card
  • Library card
  • Building access card for students living in residence halls
  • Admission card to campus events
  • Debit card – If linked with your PNC checking account
  • Print release, making copies, and scanning on Toshiba copiers in Pelletier Library, Murray 116, Bio/Steffee Computer Lab, and the Campus Center.  Learn more.

For information on linking your AllCard to PNC’s financial services, click here.