Withdraw/Drop Refund

If you withdraw before the beginning of the semester:

If you do not register and do not incur charges in residence halls, any balances on the account will be refunded.

If you withdraw during the semester:

The Dean of Students will establish the official date of withdrawal based on the following criteria:

  • The date the student initiated the institution’s withdrawal process with the Dean of Students Office
  • The midpoint of the semester if the student leaves without notifying the institution

Refunds on all charges including tuition, required fees, room, and board will be prorated per diem, based on the academic calendar, up to the 60% point in the semester. There are no refunds after that point in time.  Excessive use of meal plan may result in pro-ration based on consumption rather than the academic calendar.

Credit refund processing will begin 3 weeks after the start of classes for each semester.

Students will not receive a refund due to reduced charges prior to the return of financial aid to the appropriate sources. In some cases, the student may still carry a balance after the refund calculations are completed. Payment will be due 30 days after notification of the balance.

Federal regulations state that Title IV aid, and all other aid is earned by the student in a prorated manner per diem, based on the academic calendar up to the 60% point in the semester. Title IV aid, and all other aid is viewed as 100% earned after that point in time. After the 60% point, no aid will be returned.


Refund of Excessive Financial Aid (Title IV)

Allegheny will refund all credit balances that are a result of an excess of Title IV financial aid within two weeks after the first day of the semester or the date the aid was credited to a student’s account, whichever is later.

It is understandable that students are anxious to receive their refunds. However, processing the disbursements generally takes up to 14 days. Students should plan ahead to manage rent and expenses during this time. Individual requests for advances cannot be honored. Refunds are not processed until there is a credit on the student account.

Refund checks will be mailed to the student’s home address.

Credit balances that are not a result of Title IV financial aid will not automatically be refunded. A refund request must be completed by accessing your WebAdvisor account and filling out the on-line form..