If the title got your attention, then hopefully the topic will motivate you to learn more about a controversial issue that could affect the future safety of our country. I attended a recent lunch and learn lecture in Quigley Hall titled “The Torture Report”. I was motivated by the free pizza that fit perfectly into [...] Read More

Environment and Community Interests

Interests relating to the Environment and Community: 1) Food Waste (Senior Comp) 2) Sustainable Tourism (Costa Rica) 3) Biogas/Biodigestors (Third World) For my Senior Thesis/Composition I really want to look into the food waste area.  I believe a lot of people do not realize the amount of food that is wasted on a daily basis. [...] Read More

The Dominant Institution in Society: Media


This semester I am taking critical media studies.  I have never taken a communication arts class before, but it was the best decision I had ever made when choosing courses.  I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but it turned out to be an amazing experience.  I never thought I could learn [...] Read More

Emerging Leaders Retreat


  So a few weeks ago, I was a Student Coordinator at something we have here at Allegheny called Emerging Leaders Retreat. The participants are limited to freshman, in order to help them make connections and develop leadership skills that they can use for the rest of their time here and beyond. Over the retreat, [...] Read More

Did you know?

Photo by Kassie Mosbacher during a trip to San Francisco

One thing I’ve learned in my time as a student is that a day off from classes does not mean a day off from learning. In honor of the today’s holiday, for federal employees and some students, I have scoured the internet for facts about Martin Luther King Jr. that I never knew. While I [...] Read More

Leading By Example


Lots of local media outlets have covered the topic that I have chosen. They each took their own approach and covered it from their own perspective. Each story was informative and engaging. With all the attention, I debated whether or not to add my two cents. I felt like I would be remiss not to. [...] Read More

The Allegheny Community

The Allegheny Swimming and Diving Team at a team members house on the way home from Florida training trip.

Allegheny has a community of 2,100 students, so we are by no means a large school. This means that many students participate in several different clubs and activities. It also means that if you go to a sporting event, or a performance, you will often be watching someone you know. This, in my opinion, is [...] Read More

Florida Training Trip

Entrance to the Choral Springs Aquatic Center in Choral Springs Florida. To the right in the gray shirt is head coach Kirk Kumbier.

As part of the Allegheny College Swimming and Diving Team I spent most of my winter break in Florida where we trained at the Choral Springs Aquatic Facility. The trip was a total of 12 days long in which we stayed in a hotel for the first half, and then villas right on the beach. [...] Read More

The Elephant in the Room

In a previous post I mentioned that the first day of classes is a little dull, but there were two classes that stuck out. The first was my documentary film class, and the second was my multimedia journalism course. The first thing that stuck out was the classroom. The room is in Murray Hall which [...] Read More

Semester Two

There are few things, so far at least, that are the same in college as they are in high school here. The one thing that is the same is the first day of class. This is not really surprising, there isn’t much to talk about yet. We get the syllabus and the ground work for [...] Read More