#HelpingWithHybrids #PalmieroMakesItFun


Hey Gators! I hope you guys went down to the Chevrolet Palmiero dealership to take a selfie with the new Prius in their showroom! A couple of my friends and I went down there on Saturday right after brunch and snapped a shot with the new car and collectively raised about $60 for Creek Connections! […] Read More

Knowing When to Give In


We’re entering week 3 of 13 in the semester, and things are definitely starting to pick up when it comes to classwork and readings. One of the reasons I chose Allegheny was because of the amount of encouragement students receive to really push themselves to do great things. I’ve grown so much as a writer, […] Read More

What swimmers think about

Me behind the blocks at a home meet last season.

I’ve been asked many times, especially as a distance swimmer, “what do you think about when you are swimming?” Well, I thought I might try to give some insight into the issue. In races, especially mine which can last for as long as 17 minutes, there can be a lot of thought that goes into […] Read More

‘Learning to’…My ACL Story

My set up in the CPM machine which is hiding under the three blankets that I'm cuddled up in. By the end of the week this is where I spent most of my days, alternating CPM with the ice machine you see there. It was nice being able to be in the living room as it meant I could spend time with my parents and boyfriend that wasn't just them lifting my leg or fluffing my pillows. It was also very exciting when by the end of the week I could get out of the machine and get out of bed and join them at the dining room table.

We’re given a lot of freedom as Gator Bloggers with our only true guideline being that we are expected to share our experience at Allegheny with you. Well 2016 is a big year of change and development for me so I’d like to bring you on my journey and share my experience with you. This is […] Read More

When Life Gives You Lemons

Diagram of knee from http://orthoinfo.aaos.org/topic.cfm?topic=a00297

It’s update time I guess and true to form I’m a bit late. Over two months ago now I wrote a blog called The Curse of November where I explained how I injured my knee during our first basketball home game and was waiting on more information to find out exactly how seriously I had hurt […] Read More



Attention Gators!! Today and tomorrow, Creek Connections is hosting this really cool event. Basically, you go to Palmiero Toyota and take a selfie with their new Prius and Hybrid RAV4. Post that selfie onto some form of social media with the hashtag #HelpingWithHybrids and Palmiero Toyota will dontae $10 to Creek Connections! Add #PalmieroMakesItFun and […] Read More

Reflection City, Population: Megan

In the Spring 2015 semester, I took a class called South Asian Politics on Film. It was an FS102, part of Allegheny’s version of the required “intro to college” program. All FS classes offer different topics, but essentially aim to teach you the same elements of functioning in the college environment. FS101’s tend to focus […] Read More

Readjusting to Campus Life

Hello! With a new semester comes new adventures and new challenges. Now that I am back from study abroad, I have been getting back to my routine and readjusting to life on campus. I am very happy to be back at Allegheny, of course, but that doesn’t mean it is always easy to be here. […] Read More

Motivation for the New Semester


Happy 2016 everyone! It’s the start of a new semester on campus, and the work is already beginning to pile up for most people. I’m taking six classes this semester, and even though I’m genuinely excited about each of them I’m definitely starting to feel the pressure. I had a few days on campus before […] Read More

Upon Returning

  Hello, dearest gators! I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe winter break, it’s so nice to see everyone back on campus. I’m going to be honest with you, after spending a month in the warm Jordanian desert, it was certainly a shock to come back to cold Meadville. When I moved back in, […] Read More