Honoring a Legacy


Ida Tarbell was born on Nov. 5, 1857. Her birthday was recently celebrated by staff, students and friends of The Campus newspaper with stories and delicious carrot cake. As we chatted and munched, a student asked the obvious question, “Who’s Ida Tarbell?” I had read about her, included her in at least one presentation and [...] Read More

Nearing the End of the 1st Semester

So the first semester of my freshman year is almost in the books. It has been a great first few months, I have already done so many things that I have enjoyed here. I have competed as a Division III athlete, written for the student paper, been preparing for my first Symphony Concert and even [...] Read More

Snow In Meadville

Coming from Philadelphia, snow was not something I was surprised about. Although in Philly, we don’t get as much. Snow in Meadville can be a lot, as in more than 12 inches. Students at Allegheny know to brace themselves for the winter, as snow usually comes with freezing temperatures. Some advice for future students, is [...] Read More

Bring on the Boy Scouts

One of the boy scouts helping our intern water the seeds

Today for our last outreach of the semester we had 12 boy scouts (both girls and boys) come to the center and do 4 major activities.  We had a butterfly identification stand, planting seeds in the greenhouse, walking the trails, and English games.  I was involved with planting seeds, but I walked around a lot [...] Read More

Gator Day

Gator Day 2014

I’m a little behind in discussing this topic but that seems to be the theme of my Fall 2014 semester. All too often, I find myself barely getting to my destination or completing projects on time. So far, while I may be skating in by the skin of my teeth, I have not been late! During my [...] Read More

The Meaning of Development

My host sister and her nephew smiling happily at our talent show event After living in Costa Rica for the past 3 months and studying sustainable development, it has definitely crossed my mind if the word “development” is the right term to use to explain such a place.  Since I am studying sustainable development as [...] Read More



I’m sorry it’s been so long since I posted! The life of an active college student never ends. The last few weeks have basically flown by, with midterms, gator day, and illness (unfortunately). About two weeks ago I was sworn in as the newest senator for the class of 2017 for Allegheny Student Government (ASG). [...] Read More

First Gator Day

Here at Allegheny there is a tradition that takes place one day each semester. They are called Gator Days. On these Gator Days the entire campus gets a day off from classes. I was told by an upperclassman that that Gator Day is a lifestyle choice. It really is a true statement. You can sleep [...] Read More

A picture is worth a 1000 words

"We are one with nature, ourselves and others around us.  Together we are united to change the world to become a better place both for present an future generations to come" - Quinn Bergeon

When choosing a picture that would capture everything in my study abroad program in Costa Rica, it was not difficult.  I came across this picture on my computer and knew it was the one that would show the friendships that were made and the similarity of interests of caring for the environment.  As a group [...] Read More

College Process

Four years ago, I was making the decision where to apply to college. In Philadelphia, state schools are really popular. I came across Allegheny College one day while reading the book, Colleges That Change Lives. I remember knowing that I wanted to stay in Pennsylvania, and the description of this little school on the hill [...] Read More