Almost Move in Time

We are officially about a month into move time.  After my internship is over I am returning early to Allegheny to help with move in day. This is my last year but I remember about four years ago when I moved in. Allegheny has students that volunteer to help with move in day and they [...] Read More

Moving on

Zambelli Fireworks at PNC Park, 7/19/2014

As I get ready to leave Pittsburgh and my daily routine that I’ve gotten accustomed to, I feel like I’m ready to move on again. This has been a wonderful experience educationally and socially, but it’s time to find out what’s next. The biggest change that I have made in the past few years is [...] Read More

Week 5 Internship

It is week 5 of my internship and things are coming to a close. I am now waiting to analyze my results, which are pictures taken from the fluorescent microscope. My poster is coming along good, with my methods and introduction almost done. The final presentation will be huge, they told us to expect 80-100 [...] Read More

Roll with the changes.

Leave the driving to the experts!

REO Speedwagon imparted their lyrical wisdom when they told us to keep on rollin’ and roll with the changes. That song has been stuck in my head this week and it fits this week and lots of others. I made it eight weeks at my morning bus stop before I witnessed an accident. My lucky [...] Read More

Life After Allegheny

I am beginning my senior year in the Fall and hope to enroll in a masters program after graduation. The Gateway includes the career services office, which is where you go for help with resumes, internships, graduate school advice. Through my own research I was able to come up with a plan of things that [...] Read More

Internship Week 4

My internship is slowly coming to an end. This is week 4 and I am more than half way done with my experiments, using the technique, immunohistochemistry. One of the last steps in my project with taste cells, includes taking pictures using a microscope of the tissue I used. I started my PowerPoint poster for [...] Read More

Stories are all around you.

Say hello to my nutty friend.

Lots of ideas have been suggested by reporters this summer. One person has sent out lengthy emails on several occasions with lists of ideas. I can recall one intriguing question: where do animals go to die in the city? I’ve seen lots of injured pigeons in the city but there aren’t dead ones lying around. [...] Read More

Niagara Falls – New York

Niagara Falls - New York side

I had nothing planned at all this weekend and then something came up that really made me happy! I was just about to turn on a movie when my friend called me up after work to ask if I wanted to head to New York with him since I did not have any plans.  My [...] Read More

Internship Week 3

This is my third week interning at the chemical senses center. I am now becoming more independent. I get to conduct my experiments on my own with the help of my mentor if needed. We have four more weeks left in the program before all the students present our research. Most if not all the [...] Read More

We got the beat.


I’ve never really talked about the arrangement of the newsroom and the reasoning behind it. News happens 24-7, and the newsroom is arranged accordingly. Reporters are grouped according to their topics and the hours that they work. Features reporting includes such topics as music, food, entertainment, home and garden, books, art and lots of coverage [...] Read More