Students For Zero Waste!


For my Fall Break, two of my friends and I decided to attend a conference in New Hampshire.  The conference was all about preventing the amount of waste that we throw out and eventually goes into the landfill. It was located at the University of New Hampshire and about 500 students attended the conference overall. […] Read More

Fall Break Ghost Town (Spooky!)

This weekend is fall break at Allegheny, which means the majority of students are either going home to spend time with family or taking road trips with friends. This year I’m heading up to Rochester with my boyfriend, but last year I found myself in the position of the minority of students who choose (or […] Read More


I recently started my new job as an MLK Mentor and let me tell you something: I. Love. It.   Just the fact that I’m there for a middle school kid can make all the difference in their life and mine. The impact of some good human connection can go so far. So, this fall […] Read More

Looming Deadlines

It’s Tuesday and I’m already about to complain to you that this week is dragging on. Buckle up, kids. All things considered, everything this week has been pretty great. I’m more on top of my work than I usually am, I’m actually proud of the poem I wrote for this week’s poetry workshop, and the […] Read More

Local Food=Happiness


I have been participating in the Dehart Local Foods Dinner for over 3 years now and it just dawned on me that this was my last year.  It is always a wonderful time for me, not just because of the wonderful local and fresh food being served, but the meaning behind it. This dinner was […] Read More

WARC-ing Hard or Hardly WARC-ing?


I’ve been a public radio nerd for most of my life, and when I was touring Allegheny for the first time, I wasn’t asking about the dining halls or the student-professor relationships. Nope, the burning question I had in my back pocket was, “yeah, do you guys have student-run radio?” And honestly if the answer […] Read More

Masterchef Meaghan

In case you are wondering what the spread is, that would be vegemite. Usually I am a poached eggs and marmite kind of girl, but I seem to have exhausted my supply of marmite already. Vegemite works just as well so long as you do not put too much on.

I’ve never been much of a cook. I can make toast without burning it, and I’ve got the microwave pretty down-pat when it comes to re-heating things, or making any kind of ready-to-go pasta or meals. But that’s about the extent of my ability. I enjoy baking occasionally, but my style is more a little […] Read More

First Memory


We recently had to submit information for our gator blogger bio pages. One of the tasks was to describe a special memory of Allegheny. Instantly two memories sprung to my mind; one was a recent moment from the summer and the other was my first ever memory of Allegheny. I started to write the latter, because it’s one that […] Read More

Returning for Junior Year – feeling old at twenty?

I feel old. I realize this may seem ridiculous and perhaps slightly dramatic given that I haven’t even reached my big official “adult” birthday yet (21)…but although I’m not even close to a halfway point in my life, coming back to school this years marks a transition past the halfway point in my Allegheny College career. I’m on […] Read More

“History is an Argument”

At Allegheny history is not just a list of dates and names, it is a discussion and sometimes an argument.

I’ve said it before and I will gladly say it again: I am a history nerd. I’m proud of it. All through high school I loved my history courses, however the way they are taught here at Allegheny is different. In high school, history is reduced to a list of dates and events that students […] Read More