Café el Toledo

Spreading sun dried coffee beans

Today we went on a field trip to a family owned organic coffee farm.  I was not as excited as I should have been because I have been to these local plantations before, but I learned the most on this tour than the other ones in the past.  One of the workers knew perfect English [...] Read More


This weekend was Homecoming Weekend. Many alumni come back to visit Allegheny, and attend the festivities. This year, Allegheny had a parade with different clubs and organizations represented. After the parade, we had a tailgate picnic. Next was the football game. A lot of alumni were from the class of 2014! Alumni love to come [...] Read More

The Freshman Experience (Part 1)

It’s extremely hard to start college with no prior experience. What do the professors expect? What’s class like? How can I still manage to get ‘okay’ grades? So I thought I’d share the experience I had (while I still remembered it). My class lineup for my first semester of freshman year is pretty simple. I [...] Read More

Trip to Nicaragua

Sand bridge on Lake Nicaragua

For one entire week, the SFS student body traveled to Nicaragua.  We stayed on Ometepe island in the middle of Lake Nicaragua with two active volcanoes and at Granada, a city in Nicaragua on the main land.  Personally, I liked Ometepe more for its natural beauty and less city like qualities.  Granada was beautiful and [...] Read More

What I learned in Counseling Today…

Over the past 3 years I have built a fairly strong relationship with the college counseling center. I first started going there my Sophomore year after my dad passed away. I was reluctant to go at first, thinking that it would not be helpful to me; however I ended up having a really good experience. [...] Read More

Fall Break

Fall Break was this weekend and ends on Wednesday! A lot of students will go home, but some stayed on campus, including me. Campus is quiet, and I spent most of my time doing school work and catching up on my favorite TV shows. We are half way through the semester and most classes are [...] Read More

City Charter High School Visit

As I mentioned before, I intern with the Allegheny College Admissions Office. This Thursday we had a group from City Charter high School in Pittsburgh come visit. There were about 17 students who attended. With any program, we customize each visit with tours, and a panel of students and staff. October is a busy month [...] Read More

Perks of Being A Flying Student

Fall at allegheny

Fall Break is upon us here at Allegheny, and for most, that means flocking home to Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Buffalo, or a neighboring suburb. Of course, Allegheny has students from all over the world, but the majority come from the tri-state area of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New York. This makes me, from a suburb outside of [...] Read More

Columbus Day


Fall break is slipping by. I got some leaves raked and burned. Some of the nasty cobwebs got sucked up in the basement. Time away from scholarly activities always seems to revolve around household chores that just never get caught up. Thankfully, my family doesn’t expect me to plan a big celebration in honor of [...] Read More

Audtions, Casting, and Rehearsal Oh my!

I recently joined a group of four other student directors to audition actors for Student Experimental Theatre’s One Acts. One acts are a completely student run and directed performance done each year on campus. My roommate and I are doing an original piece that she wrote. She will be directing two actors who will be [...] Read More