Adjusting to Inactivity

While at Allegheny, I am busier than I have ever been in my life. Between swimming, working for the newspaper, playing in the symphony, and taking classes I am usually on the go. My Mondays this last semester were legendary. I would finish class around noon and then it was off to practice at 4:30, […] Read More

Finding WWII Vets

I am a history nerd and a journalist. Some people may resent the term, but I embrace it. I am a history nerd. I have more WWII military uniforms in my closet than I have pairs of jeans. What else would you call me? This summer I have an internship with The Daily Gazette in […] Read More

Looking For a Beard

This summer I am working as an intern at The Daily Gazette in Schenectady. As an intern I work as a general assignment reporter in the newsroom. That means I cover pretty much anything that needs to be covered. I have just finished my second week at the paper, and I have already covered a […] Read More

My First Year at Allegheny

This is probably long overdue, but better late then never. I have completed my first year at Allegheny. It has been a very busy year. Swimming, writing for the newspaper, becoming a junior editor, playing in The Civic Symphony and taking classes. It has been a great year. I have friends from high school who […] Read More

Coming Home

It really is strange how perceptions can change. When I left for Allegheny back in August, I felt I was leaving my friends behind, along with everything familiar. At first that was true, I was leaving everything behind, but in May as I was getting onto I-79 with all my belongings heading for home, I […] Read More

Working in a Newsroom

Journalists don’t work in an office. They work in a newsroom. The differences are extremely important. An office is usually dead quiet. People don’t usually need to move around to do their jobs. Journalists don’t work that way. They need to talk on the phone and to people in the newsroom which means someone is […] Read More

Learning to Love Being a Reporter

I have long had a love for being a reporter. It is truly a unique profession. Everyday you produce something that is shown to the world, oftentimes the very next day. At The Campus newspaper, we publish once a week. Even publishing once a week there is a sense of accomplishment that once a week […] Read More

The 2nd Day on the Job

After the strange start to my internship with The Daily Gazette in Schenectady, NY, I really hit the ground running on Tuesday. The day started with finding my desk. I started at one desk and was later moved to another that had been cleaned out for me. The old owner had left the newspaper suddenly […] Read More

First Day as an Intern

As I have written before, I was accepted to an internship with the New York State Press Association this summer. I am working at The Daily Gazette in Schenectady, NY, as a general assignment reporter. I started work on Monday of this week. The first day was a little odd though. The newspaper was hosting […] Read More

Food Alliance of Crawford


This summer I am staying on campus as a research assistant for the Global Health department. ¬†My main focus throughout the summer includes food access and food security in Crawford County, but mostly the Meadville area. ¬†Currently, we have multiple projects going on all at once, but they are all important and worth our time. […] Read More