Study Abroad: I’ve Arrived! Now What?

The street outside of my hostel in Utrecht and the sign of our hostel covered in ivy.

Hey everyone! This semester, I am studying abroad through Antioch University’s WGSE program, which stands for Women and Gender Studies in Europe. For the next three months, we’ll be studying abroad in Utrecht, Berlin, Prague, and Krakow. The semester begins in Utrecht, a college town half an hour outside of Amsterdam. I arrived here on […] Read More

Make the Most of You

“Make the most of yourself … for that is all there is of you.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882) For my last 2 weeks of summer I have been reading a small book called, “Make the Most of You” by Patrick Lindsay.  I came across this book at the mall in Erie and the cover […] Read More

My summer at Bartley’s

At the end of the spring semester, in lieu of other options, I went home in hopes of finding a part-time job. This is the polar opposite of last summer, when I was lucky enough to get a research job with my professor and lived on campus with a friend. This summer, I figured I […] Read More

Right to Pee: the push for All-Gender Bathrooms on campus

Hello! First off, I am sorry for not updating this blog more, but I will be from now on. Second, I know it’s been about two months since this happened, but in the craze of finals and moving home and working, I totally forgot to post about it. However, I feel it is still relevant […] Read More

Waitressing at Cracker Barrel


As a college student living on campus during the summer it doesn’t hurt to get more money for food or other necessities.  So I decided to apply for a part time job at Cracker Barrel alongside my summer research on campus.  I applied to plenty of other places in Meadville, from Family Dollar to the […] Read More

Second Saturday at the Market House

The CHNA team ready to collect surveys!

As a summer research assistant on campus this summer in the Global Health Department I am collecting community health needs assessment surveys (CHNA).  A group of students, including myself attended the Second Saturday event at the Market House to collect opinions and ideas from locals in the Meadville area.  From school teachers, nurses, and local […] Read More

My furry friend


This past semester a friend of mine was driving on Spring Street on campus when he spotted a baby kitten dodging traffic.  He took the kitten and brought it to our apartment so we could take care of him while trying to find his owner.  No one responded about losing a kitten so I decided […] Read More

Global Health Conference

Natasha and Christine enjoying lunch outside after working hard on their posters

From June 4-6, the Global Health department hosted a conference for both local and international people interested in implementing courses or study abroad experiences related to public health in their colleges or work area.  People from Pakistan, Morocco, and other areas all attended the conference to learn more about Global Health and its importance to […] Read More

Ready to Swim

There is no denying that swimming is a tough sport, especially at the college level. It has taught me a lot about work ethic and dedication over the years and given me a group of close friends, but it is still an incredibly difficult sport. When I finished sectional championships in my senior year of […] Read More

Adjusting to Inactivity

While at Allegheny, I am busier than I have ever been in my life. Between swimming, working for the newspaper, playing in the symphony, and taking classes I am usually on the go. My Mondays this last semester were legendary. I would finish class around noon and then it was off to practice at 4:30, […] Read More