The Allegheny Spirit

After I finished with my day yesterday I headed down to the library. I found myself an empty study room and settled in to do my reading for my English class. I had my legs stretched out on the table and was completely engulfed in my book when there was a knock on the glass [...] Read More

Fresh Perspectives


I can’t speak for everyone, but I know that personally I am very much a creature of habit. I like to walk the same way to class everyday, sit in the same seat when I’m there and try to have a regular routine for where and when I eat my meals. This can make an already [...] Read More

Being confronted by important life decisions

This week I received a truly terrifying letter in the mail. Finding anything, particularly anything unexpected in my post box is usually a moment of excitement and joy, followed by intrigue. So it was with absolutely no patience whatsoever that I tore open the plain envelope, but when I discovered what was inside, boy I’ve [...] Read More

The Countdown Begins!

It is finally here! The countdown to the 1st Annual Spring Into Health Fair has begun.  With only a week left to prepare right after spring break, our to-do list has grown exponentially.  Even though we have a lot to complete and go over, we have a lot of energy to get there.  We have [...] Read More

The Road Home

In my graduating class we had close to three hundred students. Of those, I am one of three students to go to school in Pennsylvania. I am at Allegheny and the other two are both at Messiah College. From here to Queensbury, New York is about six and a half hours. I honestly did not [...] Read More

Home Away from Home


Most people think of hotels as the very opposite of homely. You’re greeted by friendly yet unfamiliar faces at reception, have to let out the odd polite pleasantry to other guests you may bump into in the elevator, and you sleep in a foreign bed which multitudes of absolute strangers have slept in before you. Living in [...] Read More

Sunshine please

I’ve always been a summer girl. I’m a complete water baby – anytime I can be at a beach I’m happy. So why did someone who revels in sun and summer move to the other hemisphere, where if I ever want to go home for summer I am in fact going home to winter? It [...] Read More

Dealing with the end of the season


The basketball season is the longest out of all collegiate sports. We start in October (this season we started an additional two weeks early as well) and at the earliest finish in the last week of February – at the latest mid-march. This is made longer by the fact we’re always back on campus by [...] Read More

Food to the Rescue!


I just started to participate in the Food Rescue organizaion at Allegheny and I am so happy I did so.  I feel a part of a very strong community making a difference by collecting food waste at Brooks dining hall for lunch and dinner and delivering the food to different organizations in need around Meadville. [...] Read More

Visiting Refugees

International Institute of Erie

For Caryl Waggett’s Global Health Transitions course (ES 425) the class as a whole was asked to help out with the Erie Institute for refugees.  These refugees come to the United States for various reasons.  Either it be conflict from their homeland, a natural disaster, or simply wanting a change, the institute is here to [...] Read More