Like I Never Even Left

The varsity swim season came to an end about two weeks ago, with the NCAC Championship Meet at Dennison University. The team had a pretty good meet and I was pretty satisfied with my performance. The meet was spread over three days, so this meant missing three days of classes. I lucked out in one, [...] Read More

The Honor Code

Here at Allegheny we have an honor code. It’s something we hear a lot about, especially as a first year student. At our matriculation, we officially take a pledge to uphold the honor code. The Code essentially states that no student will cheat, or submit work that is not their own. As part of this [...] Read More

Let’s Eat Some Plants!

Megan Pierce presenting her Senior Thesis

Today at the Woodcock Creek Nature Center, Megan Pierce, a Senior at Allegheny College presented her Senior thesis to a group of locals.  Her thesis described the native plants in Pennsylvania that are edible and able to put use for multiple cooking purposes.  In the beginning she explained her start of her passion while she [...] Read More

Watching the Oscars

It’s that time of year again: awards season. There are quite a few awards ceremonies within a short amount of time, but the one show that everyone watches (although declining in recent years) is the Academy Awards, aka the Oscars. I have always loved the Oscars, ever since I was a kid. Last year, my [...] Read More

Help please!


I like to think that I’m a pretty positive person, I generally try to make sure my writing has a positive tone to it, particularly in my blogs. I know that I’m representing Allegheny College on an extremely public forum and don’t want to paint the college in a negative light, particularly because I really [...] Read More

“Yay! Sports”

You can’t apply to Allegheny without reading the slogan “Unusual Combinations” at least half a dozen times. It’s on banners and posters, it’s part of the Common Application – or at least I think it was when I filled mine out, but the crazy thing about it is that it’s most prevalent in the students [...] Read More

Still Learning

My birthday was last Monday, and this was the first time I have not been with my family on my birthday. I had a pretty good birthday though. The staff of the newspaper sang happy birthday to me in our Monday night meeting, and the swimmers invited me up to their dorm to hang out. [...] Read More

Finding Your Study Place

Everyone has a place where they like to study. It took me a long time to find one, but I have finally done it! Some people like to study in the library. Okay, no problem, we have a nice library. However, that seems a little too far to walk to me. I mean, its down [...] Read More

A Familiar Face

I would imagine as parent that if your son or daughter called you and told you that he or she had had a conversation with the president of the college, you might get a little worried. Maybe wonder if a frat party went wrong, or they are failing out of the school, however, at Allegheny [...] Read More

Conservation is KEY

Crawford County Conservation District Annual Dinner

Today was the annual dinner for an internship I was a part of my sophomore year.  I was unable to make it that year because of other priorities, but I was finally able to RSVP this year.  The dinner was held at the Pampered Palate in Saegertown, PA and it was a wonderful setup.  About [...] Read More