Canada Trip Series: 2

Day 3  Game Day Two. Early mornings are not my thing. At all. So a 7:30 a.m. wake up to pile onto the bus didn’t go down so well. Lucky I’m trained in the art of sleeping whilst travelling, and driving actually makes me tired so needless to say I was knocked straight back out again [...] Read More

Back in the States!

Greeting my mom with tears after studying abroad for 3 months

Three months definitely went by fast.  I am now back in the States with my family and have been reflecting a lot about my trip.  There were so many things that I learned about myself that I never thought existed.  Especially since I lived with 32 other students, I learned to not care what other [...] Read More

The Balancing Act

The big slogan that Allegheny promotes is that its students have “unusual combinations.” You see it a lot on campus. Everyone is involved in something, and most are involved in more than one thing. In my case this leads to a kind of balancing act. It starts with academics, then working as a staff writer [...] Read More

Learning to Think

In every brochure that you read about Allegheny and other colleges, they will boast that they are a school that will teach you how to think. I won’t say that we do it anymore than any other school does, but I have definitely seen a difference in how classes are conducted. I am a history [...] Read More

“Productive Discomfort”

Students at the Center  in Costa Rica cleaning up trash along the road in the community on a Saturday morning to prove that we are not just typical American tourists.  We want to involve ourselves, help out the locals, and learn from our hard work and commitment to make a difference.

People can be involved within a culture, but I do not think they can change themselves to be a part of the culture as a local citizen.  Everyone is still different and even if people are used to every aspect of the place they are staying or traveling, that is still not their homeland and [...] Read More

Road Side Cleanup

Helping out the community!

Today we had an optional road side cleanup in our neighborhood that I signed up for.  It was the perfect day to clean up trash (what days aren’t?!) with small cloud cover and a beautiful breeze to cool us off while working hard.  We collected a total of 10 bags that were separated by regular [...] Read More

A Different Side of Allegheny

The social media site “Yik Yak” has become very popular recently, especially on college campuses. The site allows you to read and post text completely anonymously. It is a little bit like Twitter, but the difference is all the posts that you see are only from people within a two mile radius of your location. [...] Read More

Reading Between the Lines

An example of how our program interacts with the community to  overcome barriers and stumbling blocks of cultural differences.   We learn with who we interact with.

  I would definitely say that I have assumed “people are people” and that it has reduced my ability to deal with all of the differences of a certain culture.  Sometimes when thinking in this perspective you think everyone is the same and I am guilty of having this thought when traveling the world.  I [...] Read More

Directed Research-Santa Teresa

Ferry to Santa Teresa

This week the entire student body was divided into three directed research groups.  The topics consisted of hummingbirds, soil, and water quality surveys.  Each student divided themselves based on their interest and traveled with a professor to an area in Costa Rica. I chose the water quality survey directed research and we headed to the [...] Read More

Honoring a Legacy


Ida Tarbell was born on Nov. 5, 1857. Her birthday was recently celebrated by staff, students and friends of The Campus newspaper with stories and delicious carrot cake. As we chatted and munched, a student asked the obvious question, “Who’s Ida Tarbell?” I had read about her, included her in at least one presentation and [...] Read More