First Gator Day

Here at Allegheny there is a tradition that takes place one day each semester. They are called Gator Days. On these Gator Days the entire campus gets a day off from classes. I was told by an upperclassman that that Gator Day is a lifestyle choice. It really is a true statement. You can sleep [...] Read More

A picture is worth a 1000 words

"We are one with nature, ourselves and others around us.  Together we are united to change the world to become a better place both for present an future generations to come" - Quinn Bergeon

When choosing a picture that would capture everything in my study abroad program in Costa Rica, it was not difficult.  I came across this picture on my computer and knew it was the one that would show the friendships that were made and the similarity of interests of caring for the environment.  As a group [...] Read More

College Process

Four years ago, I was making the decision where to apply to college. In Philadelphia, state schools are really popular. I came across Allegheny College one day while reading the book, Colleges That Change Lives. I remember knowing that I wanted to stay in Pennsylvania, and the description of this little school on the hill [...] Read More

Gator Day

Gator Day is a day where class is cancelled, and all students are encouraged to participate in different programming events. Gator Day started out small, but has expanded. Each department usually hosts an open house where they talk about career opportunities, internships, and just the different majors in general. Some departments bring alumni back to [...] Read More

The Village of El Sur

Local river in El Sur

For three days, the class took a trip to a small village called El Sur that was only 2 hours away.  Before the trip we had a briefing about where we were going and what to expect.  They emphasized that there was no internet and that it was a VERY small town.  Of course, we [...] Read More

Second Thoughts?

I got an email from my dad about a week ago. He sent me a link to a video on YouTube that had been posted by The College of Wooster. The video was entitled “These bricks will always know your feet,” I believe, and it was made in honor of the entering class of 2018. [...] Read More

Canada Trip Series:1


This year the Allegheny Women’s Basketball team took an international trip to Canada over Fall break. This meant we were able to start practicing 2 weeks earlier than any other teams in our conference (North Coast Athletic Conference) and by the time we played our first game, we had 9 practices under our belt as [...] Read More

Café el Toledo

Spreading sun dried coffee beans

Today we went on a field trip to a family owned organic coffee farm.  I was not as excited as I should have been because I have been to these local plantations before, but I learned the most on this tour than the other ones in the past.  One of the workers knew perfect English [...] Read More


This weekend was Homecoming Weekend. Many alumni come back to visit Allegheny, and attend the festivities. This year, Allegheny had a parade with different clubs and organizations represented. After the parade, we had a tailgate picnic. Next was the football game. A lot of alumni were from the class of 2014! Alumni love to come [...] Read More

The Freshman Experience (Part 1)

It’s extremely hard to start college with no prior experience. What do the professors expect? What’s class like? How can I still manage to get ‘okay’ grades? So I thought I’d share the experience I had (while I still remembered it). My class lineup for my first semester of freshman year is pretty simple. I [...] Read More