One day in Belfast? No problem!

Great concert!

So after my adventurous semester studying abroad all around Europe, I decided to stay and travel for a week afterwards before heading back to the States. My first stop was Belfast, where I spent less than 48 hours. Here is my marathon trip to Belfast! I left Krakow and took a direct flight to Belfast. […] Read More

Recreating History

I was giving a tour at an admissions event to a group of perspective students and their families a few weeks back. With larger tours it’s harder to make a connection with each student, but you do your best. As I took the group around campus, I pointed out Arter Hall, the home of the […] Read More

Study Abroad: Last Stop, Krakow!

The sunset from my first night in Krakow. Beautiful!

So through my study abroad program, a comparative Women and Gender Studies program, I have studied this semester in each of our four locations: Utrecht (the Netherlands), Berlin (Germany), Prague (Czech Republic), and Krakow (Poland). It’s been a few weeks, so I am home already, but I will be writing about our last location, Krakow, which is also the […] Read More

First Time Away from Baldwin in Months

Happy Thanksgiving, Gators! I know a great deal of us have either went home or to a friends place for the break, but some of us are still back on campus, and to those people I say, be strong. This too shall pass. Unless of course, you’re excited about being on campus for Thanksgiving, then […] Read More

The Curse of November?


I’m starting to think November’s are cursed for me – from a basketball perspective at least. It’s my birthday month, so you would think that it would be my best month of the year, but so far I am yet to get through a whole November at Allegheny without something bad happening. Freshman year it […] Read More

A Full Rich Day

I have spoken before on the variety of activities I take part in here at Allegheny. I swim for the varsity swimming and diving team, I play violin in the Civic Symphony and I am the news editor at The Campus newspaper. Keeping all of these balls in the air is a struggle at times, […] Read More

Pittsburgh: Beyond the Strip District

At the University of Pittsburgh

I seized the day and went down to Pittsburgh to explore with my roommate and some of our friends after light up night ushered in the holiday season. And let me tell you, Pittsburgh is beautiful. Let me show you   If you guys have a ride and a tour guide (THANK YOU TO THE MOST […] Read More

Localizing a Global Tragedy

This week I wrote a story on Paris. It was one of those stories that made me step back and really appreciate why I love being the international editor. This position allows me to cover a wide variety of events and cultures in my stories, and occasionally I will get a story that really forces […] Read More

Allegheny Pride

The Rustic bridge was donated by the class of 1902 and was where senior projects were initially presented.

Toward the end of the 2015 spring semester, the Allegheny Men and Women’s Swimming and Diving Teams began meeting with potential replacements for our assistant-coach who was leaving Allegheny to pursue a masters degree. Every day for a week, we would meet in a classroom on campus and get a chance to speak with a […] Read More

Hell–I Mean Tech Week

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 10.35.17

So I’m in a play at the moment… I didn’t mention it earlier because theatre tends to exist in this ironically unstable state where if you talk about it too much, it almost certainly won’t happen the way you want it to. So I’ve kept quiet about it. Auditions were held, I went, was cast […] Read More