Internship Week 6

I like to express my patriotism through nail polish

I like to express my patriotism through nail polish

This post is possible thanks for foresight and proper planning. Amanda knew that the fourth of July would be this weekend so she timed the experiments to make sure that no one would have to come in Thursday or Friday. It is thanks to her that I had a fun fourth to write about at all.

Usually people barbecue or go to the beach on independence day, but we have no grill and no beaches, not even a pool, so this year we celebrated America in a more multicultural context. Two of my room mates are from Puerto Rico so they made traditional food from their home – cube steak, rice and beans, and tostones, which are fried plantains.

To get in the holiday spirit the hospital offers a free outdoor concert with free refreshments. We sat out on the lawn in front of the hospital and listened to the Hershey Symphonic Orchestra play a great set while the lights in front of the hospital shone red white and blue. Afterward we stuck around to see the fireworks from Hershey Park. Though I did miss my family, a day of good food, good music, free ice cream, and fireworks was much appreciated this fourth of July.

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