Single Voice Reading

Allegheny hosts a series of what is called single voice readings. Over the course of the school year, the college hosts a published author who’s work pertains, in one way or another, to the school’s annual theme. The theme this year is civil rights, so alongside a plethora of other programming and lectures centered around civil

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Orchesis 2013

Now that I’m a senior, my firsts and lasts hold a lot of sentimental value. So far I’ve seen my last Homecoming, Wingfest, Greek Sing, Halloween Ball, Make a Difference Day, and now my last show for Orchesis. Orchesis is a dance company on campus that does a show every fall and my first time

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Internship Week 9

This has been one of my favorite weeks so far just because I’ve been doing nothing but having fun. My room mate’s mom came to visit for a couple of days which means she cooked dinner for a couple of nights – more Puerto Rican recipes that just melt in your mouth! All the interns have also

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Internship Week 8

The most interesting that has happened this week is Christmas. Alex came over and decided to celebrate Christmas in July on the 24th and 25th. She even brought Christmas movies and decorations to my apartment. I was very skeptical and a little alarmed, I won’t lie, but I will say the Christmas cookies made it

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Internship Week 7

This is another post full of pictures, this time more of the Hershey area and other interns – more to come!

Internship Week 6

This post is possible thanks for foresight and proper planning. Amanda knew that the fourth of July would be this weekend so she timed the experiments to make sure that no one would have to come in Thursday or Friday. It is thanks to her that I had a fun fourth to write about at

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Internship Week 5

    These are some pictures I’ve taken around the lab – more to come!

Internship Week 4

My transition into the laboratory has been seamless. After four weeks I feel a lot more comfortable, I’ve become way more efficient with my time because I’m asking fewer questions, and I’m more confident with the skills I’ve learned. All of a sudden this is really becoming my project. The rats downstairs have my name

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Internship Week 3

This was a slower week in the lab, but an exciting week nonetheless. I finally got to dissociate the nodose ganglia from a rat all by myself! We also do a surgery where we put a dye on the rats stomach so that we know which neurons belong to the vagus nerve. I did a

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Internship Week 2

My lab experience at Allegheny has been great, but it does not compare to everything I’ve been doing at Penn state. Like I said in my last post, our research involves dissecting the nododse ganglion out of the vagus nerve of rats and I saw seven more of those during the week. I must have

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