Joseph Tingley ’18

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“I never chose to do just one thing; I like to experience many different things.”

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Major: History
Minor: Journalism in the Public Interest

Other Activities

  • News Editor for The Campus
  • Violinist in the Civic Symphony
  • Varsity Swimmer

About Unusual Combinations

I have been a swimmer for about eight years, been in four musicals, two plays, I love history, I love writing fiction, and I want to be a journalist. I’ve enjoyed doing all of these things. I never chose to do just one thing; I like to experience many different things.

Special Memory

I remember my first visit to Allegheny, I believe, the summer before my senior year. We came to the admissions office and took the tour, and I remember loving the campus (I still do). After the tour I had my admissions interview. I had done what felt like 50 of them at that point, but this one was one of the few I felt comfortable in. I talked to the counselor for about 30 minutes and then we talked about applying. She looked over my application and told me she thought I would be a good fit for Allegheny. It was the first time an admissions counselor had told me that, so I will always remember that. That feeling of pride and thinking, “a college actually wants me!” I will always remember that, and the fact that it was at Allegheny just makes it all the more special.