Meaghan Wilby ’17

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“Unusual combinations isn’t about being unusual, but the flexibility to pursue whatever interests you and the knowledge that whatever crazy combination you decide on is encouraged and supported.” meaghan_wilby

Hometown: Wellington, New Zealand
Major: English
Minor: German and Psychology

Other Activities

  • Science and International Editor for The Campus
  • Member of the Women’s Basketball Team
  • Office Assistant for the Department of Alumni Affairs (work/study)
  • Live in the German House
  • Work in the Summer for the International Office during Orientation week

About Unusual Combinations

Unusual combinations is the slogan that you can’t avoid at Allegheny. From the minute you become a prospective student until the moment you graduate, you will be constantly confronted by this message and asked to explain what it means to you. What makes unusual combinations truly unique at Allegheny is not how “unusual” people’s combinations are, but the fact that people combining unusual things is not at all unusual. It is in fact the norm … and it’s fantastic. Unusual combinations is about the freedom to experience everything, to give anything a go and not have to define or limit yourself by one subject or point of interest. And Allegheny is the place to do it.

Special Memory

I recently spent two months in Brazil over the summer. My special memory involves sitting at a kiosk on Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro with pizza and drinks with two friends from Allegheny. One was an exchange student who had spent the previous year here and the other is a current student who is studying abroad in Rio this semester. I didn’t go to Brazil through any Allegheny sponsored program – in fact I went by myself for what was essentially a two month long vacation visiting friends and exploring the country – but this entire experience was something that only happened because of my experiences at Allegheny and the amazing community here. I remember sitting there, listening to the waves and the music and taking in how amazing it was. How the friendships I’m making here are quite literally taking me all over the world and how Allegheny is opening doors for me that I never knew existed.