Nia Burnett ’17

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“Unusual combinations means unlimited potential to be you.”nia_burnett

Hometown: New Orleans
Major: Environmental Studies
Minor: Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Other Activities

As Vice President of the Association for the Advancement of Black Culture, I am very active on campus and am always going to events related to my club and collaborative events with other organizations on campus.

About Unusual Combinations

“Unusual combinations” always stuck with me when I was searching for colleges to attend. I have an unlimited amount of interests, so the flexibility of unusual combinations both in the academic realm of Allegheny and the other aspects of Allegheny suits me very well. “Unusual combinations” means unlimited potential to create who you are.

Special Memory

My special memory is more of a compilation of many. I love attending conferences! I attended an Environmental Science conference my freshman year and attended the GLCA Students of Color conference last year at DePauw University. This year I intend on attending more than one conference! I love traveling to the conferences and enjoying them with my Allegheny peers.