Quinn Bergeon ’16

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“Each individual is different and you can express that on campus in a variety of ways.”

Hometown: Waterville, Ohio
Major: Environmental Studies
Minor: Global Health Studies

Other Activities

  • Institutional Research Assistant at Bentley (Work Study)
  • Intern for the Crawford County Conservation District (water quality/land conservation)
  • Students for Environmental Action Photographer
  • Overnight Leadership Committee
  • Service Saturdays
  • Photographer

About Unusual Combinations

I always love explaining this concept to students that I host during the year. I show them how many different people there are on campus and the diversity that their interests bring. Every student on campus is different and has a multitude of likings. Their major can be math while their minor might be art. Each individual is different and you can express that on campus in a variety of ways. Allegheny makes it possible to have unusual combinations.

Special Memory

This is a difficult question because every day has a special memory to take away from it. But, if I did have to choose one special memory that I always think about, it would be my gerbil Lorenzo. I was going to have a single room my sophomore year and wanted a small pet to keep me company and entertain me. I decided to buy a gerbil during spring break and it was the best decision I ever made. He makes me smile every day because of how rambunctious and cute he is. Lorenzo has become part of the family, but more importantly he has become my best friend.