Ronald Cole B.S., Allegheny College; M.S., Ph. D., University of Rochester

Tamara Misner B.S., University of Nebraska-Lincoln; M.S., University of Pittsburgh; PhD Candidate, University of Pittsburgh

Rachel O’Brien (chair) B.A., Colgate University, 1986; M.S., Washington State University, 1992; Ph.D., 2000

Robert Schwartz B.S., Allegheny College; M.S., Ph.D., Indiana University

Selected Publications and Achievements

  • “Middle Tertiary volcanism during ridge-trench interactions in western California,” published in Science
  • “Teaching the principles of geomicrobiology and the process of experimental research to undergraduate and first-year graduate students,” published in Journal of College Science Teaching.
  • “Continental margin volcanism at sites of spreading ridge subduction: examples from southern Alaska and western California,” published in Tectonophysics.
  • “Seasonal variability of adsorption and exchange equilibria in soil waters,” published in Aquatic Geochemistry
  • “Multiple tracers of shallow groundwater flow and recharge in hilly loess,” published in Ground Water
  • “A framework for integrating quantitative geologic problem-solving into courses across the undergraduate geology curriculum,” published in the Journal of Geoscience Education
  • “Summary of depositional environments, paleogeography, and structural control on sedimentation in a late Jurassic foreland basin, western Montana,” published in Mesozoic Systems of the Rocky Mountain Region, USA
  • “Foreland basin evolution in response to interactive thrusting and foreland partitioning,” published in Geological Survey of America Memoir
  • “Sedimentology and morphodynamics of a barrier island shoreface and implications to engineering practices,” published in Marine Geology