Allegheny Geology Internships

Internships and other experiential learning opportunities are important for gaining a full educational experience. Most geology majors seek an experiential learning opportunity and all who have applied over the past 5 years have been successful in obtaining a position. Meet with your geology advisor to discuss current internship opportunities.

A Few Recent Internships:

  • O’Brien and Gere, Inc. (environmental consulting firm), Philadelphia, PA
  • Equitable Resources (petroleum exploration firm), Pittsburgh, PA
  • Pennsylvania Geological Survey (oil & gas division), Pittsburgh, PA
  • Geological Society of America GeoCorps Program, variety of locations
  • Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest, White Mountains, New Hampshire
  • Moody and Associates, Meadville, PA (hydrogeological consulting firm)
  • Department of Environmental Protection, Pittsburgh, PA; Meadville, PA
  • Indiana Geological Survey studying Lake Michigan coastal deposits.
  • U.S. Geological Survey in Utah studying natural hazards.
  • U.S. Army Cops Coastal Engineering Research Center Facility studying coastal processes at the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Recent Field Research Areas by Students and Faculty:

  • Alaska – tectonics and volcanism
  • Montana – sedimentary basins and tectonics
  • New Hampshire, White Mountains area – soils and hydrology
  • New York – sedimentary petrology
  • North Carolina, Outer Banks area – coastal processes and barrier islands
  • Pennsylvania – watershed systems, glacial geology, hydrogeology, sedimentary geology
  • Costa Rica – active volcanism
  • Ecuador – volcanology
  • Mexico – geological archaeology
  • Southern England – sedimentary tectonics

Examples of Student Experiences – Internships and Research

  • Alex Ceschini (’14)  PA Geological Survey Division of Oil and Gas, Pittsburgh, PA and field research in Alaska
  • Nancy Chen (’14)  Geochemical research at National Taiwan University
  • Michele Cooney (’13)  PA Geological Survey Division of Oil and Gas , Pittsburgh, PA
  • Eric Redfern (’13)  O’Brien and Gere, environmental geology, Philadelphia, PA
  • Miles Watto (’13)  Moody and Associates, hydrogeology, Meadville, PA
  • Shane Wells (’13)  U.S. Geological Survey environmental and mining, Denver, CO
  • Doug Barber (’13), Field research in Montana, student-faculty research
  • Lucas Carrion (’13), Alaska field research and geochemical work at National Taiwan Univ.
  • Meghan McKnight (’13) GeoCorps of America Internship at John Day Fossil Beds, Oregon
  • Erin Birsic (’12) Field research in Alaska; geochemical work at National Taiwan University
  • John Stewart (’11) Field research in Alaska; geochemical work at National Taiwan Univ.
  • Ellen Chamberlin (’11) Field research in Montana, student-faculty research
  • Sam Michalak (’11) Field research in Montana, student-faculty research
  • Dave Siekkinen (’10) O’Brien and Gere, environmental geology, Philadelphia, PA
  • Theresa Schwartz (’10) Field research in Montana and Alaska
  • Leah Stano (’09) Moody and Associates, hydrogeology internship, Meadville, PA
  • Jesse Beauchamp (’09) Field research – soils and geoarchaeology, northwest PA
  • Matt Harrington (’08) Carnegie Museum of Natural History, paleontology research, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Jenny Rothfuss (’08)  Field research in Alaska and Montana; intern at Equitable Resources
  • Jesse Thompson (’07) Field research in Montana; watershed research in western PA
  • Danny Flanagan (’07) Field research in Alaska; laboratory research in geomicrobiology
  • Nick Fischietto (’07) Environmental consulting internship; field research in Alaska
  • Bekah Ost (’06) Field research in Montana; GeoCorps of America Internship in Oregon
  • Erin Walker (’06) Field research in Minnesota – Keck Consortium Internship
  • Melissa Kammerer (’05) Volcanology field research in Ecuador
  • Justin Pierson (’05) Field research in Alaska
  • Dave Wolf (’04) Aggregate Industries, mineral resources and mining internship, Maryland
  • Jeff Thomas (’04) Volcanology field research in Costa Rica
  • Meredith Long (’03) Meadville Area Water Authority internship, Meadville, PA
  • Mike Haney (’03) Field research in Montana
  • Ira Bradford (’03) Equitable Resources, oil and gas exploration internship, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Trish Lappe (’02) Environmental Resources Management, Hydrogeology, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Korey Henson (02’) Key Environmental Inc., Hydrogeology; Pittsburgh, PA