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Retirement Planning Articles from Tiaa-Cref

“Making the most of your Retirement Income Sources” is targeted at plan participants age 55 and older. The article establishes the importance of lifetime income, and discusses the various sources of income available to retirees and how they can combine them effectively into an annual income stream that will help meet their needs. The article also discusses the role of annuities in creating a retirement income stream and the importance of working with an advisor to help meet specific retirement needs.  To learn more, click here.

“Decisions on the Cusp of Retirement” is aimed at employees about to retire (age 55-64).  Some of the questions to consider are how should I be invested now?  How will I leverage my investments as sources of retirement income?  Who will make investment decisions for me if I become incapacitated?  How can I get my retirement house in order for a more enjoyable retirement?  To learn more, click here.

“Retiring with Holes in Your Safety Net” is specifically targeted at participants age 55 and older retiring with limited assets.  The article discusses how to create a retirement income stream and the role of annuities in doing so.  It also touches on budgeting, part-time jobs, asset allocation.  To learn more, click here.