An update on this morning’s (5/15) computer issue 

Potential malware was identified on approximately 30 campus computers after a recent update to the Trend Micro antivirus definitions identified a possible vulnerability that could trigger a keylogging application.  The ITS team firewalled (blocked network communication) the computers as a means to limit the then unknown implications.  A review of affected computers and their related network traffic shows no sign of any adverse activity.

The ITS team will be working through the afternoon to remove the vulnerability from affected computers and to address the potential vulnerability campus wide.  If your computer was affected you may be visited by professional staff and students from ITS to apply the fix.  Should you have questions regarding someone that is requesting access to your computer, please do not hesitate to contact the InfoDesk at 3768.  

This event is not connected to the ransomware attack that has been making headlines in today’s news.